Monday, October 5, 2009

170 ( I don't know why the font is messed)

It's said ( by someone ) that if you line up all the cars in the world end to end, someone would be stupid enough to try and pass them. I know several people that would actually attempt to do this, not realizing how lame they are. And of course I'm including myself among the litany. Yeah. Sighs.

Sidenote: My madre' just came in and mentioned to me that Natalie Allen has a baby coming in March (I hope it's March 16th, cause that's probably the greatest day all year, ANY year!). I can't see her as a mom, but that's super exciting! But I also feel slightly jealous. Whatever. I'm baby hungry, especially because my monthlies should be coming any freaking day now. I'm waiting.... *said in an annoying whiny voice*

Neither of the above things is what I'm trying to get out however. ADHD strikes again. This blog has become more of a day-to-day monologue of what's going on in my life. It's not even interesting enough for ME to read. So screw litany, and the mundane monstrosity that I currently find myself embedded in. It's a new day. A new sludgy, cold, wet, claustrophobic day. We got like what? Like 3-4 days of blissful autumn and today Jack freakin' Frost chomped half my rosy face off. Wasn't really ready for that.

I don't know anyone that would be.

Just like every Monday and Wednesday I sat in Institute class next to Clark.

It was a soothing, breezy, summery afternoon. Butterflies flirting, bees a'buzzin. Clouds bursting (inside joke). A dream. Sauntering down the sandy path we walked side by side to the dam. The sun was beginning it's death into the waiting purple bed of mountain. Water sparkling like diamonds and rippling in the shallow wind. Both of us taking pleasure in crystalline joy on a wooden stick. His was purple (raspberry), and mine blood red( straw-b). I peeked over at him with wide almond eyes, my raven threads whispering seductively around my glowing face and lacey lashes. He glanced over and the sky flare hit those silver blue jewels spot on. We both responded with brilliant smirks then shrugged lightly and went back to our popsicles.
I took mine into my mouth enjoying the tang of strawberries, when all of a sudden I suck in hard accidently, deep throating the treacherous thing. I try to pop is out of my airway, it breaks off in my esophagus and I start to choke and drool all over the place. So there I am, this crazy broad choking on a strawberry flavored popsicle running around, arms flailing in the air like a blasted maniac because I'm suffocating. I look over at him, frantic and his eyes are about to pop out of his radiant face. His mouth is half open and quickly dropping lower.
Pure stupidity got me into
this mess.

I jerked back into reality, realizing with a thankful heart that it was only a daydream.
Needless to say, I didn't talk much to Clark today.


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