Wednesday, July 1, 2009


115 degrees- not including the heat index.
THICK humidity.
Overwhelming "Texan" pride.

.. oh. And family.

BFVe (Best Family Vacation. ever)

The bona fide' truth: I have absolutely NO idea where to begin.

Let's start with Oscar.

Oscar. You've got me moaning your beautiful name.
My gratitude and fiery love { no. PASSION} for him has increased 100 times over. Washington {state}- to Texas- and back to the homeland in a little under 3 weeks. Not one mishap, glitch, or hinderance. His performance was ACES and worthy of all different kinds of applause [[fast & slow]]. Thanks for being such a man. I had my 'skeptical face' on, because of all the distance that he executed the week before I made him mine- they were ridiculous, petty, and I feel guilty for my doubts.

I hereby promise to take care of you.
I'm off to a good start.
A full service { & tire rotation}, car wash and wax. Ahh.. Muah!

Daddy started off the 'pimp" trip with a few good leper jokes. (!!!)
I know.. I know. My jaw dropped and my oculars almost pip-popped out of their scoops when this particular event was brought full throttle, into my face. Who knew daddy had this risque' side to him? My overwhelming awe and "respect factor" for him was pumped up and up and up the duration of the trip.
It only began with the leper jokes. (Oh, and those of you wanting "in" on the gut busting, smile-splitting wise cracks- hit me up- and I'll hit you back :D)
It was then continued with one of his life experiences involving him hitch hiking across Australia (2000 miles) just "for the fun of it." [[I think... no I need to follow in his foot steps concerning this particular adventure. I will.]]
And ended (at least on the trip) with him stopping off in Wyoming to stock up on illegal - but purely awesome-fireworks.

It was a dream come true- this family reunion. Because we've never had one (being loners in the USA gets kinda hard) and I've always wanted to be able to say that.. I've been to one. Call it small and stupid, but my dream came true. And more.
The excursion south was lengthy, taking about 3 [[[days]]]. I suppose we could have cut it shorter. But we had to stop along the way; play in National Parks, take some memorable photos, and all the random pit {armpit} stops in between. Spending time with ma' sibs peeled open my eyes to their lives, the things they're going through, and the ways that we find joy in one another. I'd trip it up with them any day!! They all have exceptional taste in music { and yes... this is extremely important}, easy going personalities, and knee slapping humor.

You babes..... are babes! yeah!

We loved New Mexico. And I thoroughly enjoyed the Texas weather.
I wouldn't live there. Ever. But it was a great experience. And I would go back to visit.

Things we did:
--Tubed down the Guadalupe River {5 hours. And those Texans take their tubing seriously. There were boom boxes, coolers chockablock full of food, camper chairs, etc.}
--Schlitterbahn Water Park {5 different parks, buses to take to each of them. 5 story high water slides. And one that defies gravity by flowing UP. and yes. I wrote that right.}
--Antique Stores {ahhhh! Tori Olsen! Babe! I thought of you the whole time I ran rampant in that glorious little shop! the 1800's brush and mirror set blew my mind. The black and white photos, old 10 spin phones, keys from the 30's. Sweet bliss!}
--the Alamo {remarkable! Too bad we couldn't take pics inside. Ha ha! We did get one though...}
--White Sands National Park {like a dream. Sledding down 40ft high sand dunes was incredible!}
--Mesa Verde' {even more like a dream. Anasazi ruins, ladder tours, and more!}
--IMAX theatres { intense cinemtography and ear splitting surround sound}
--Fabulous food {BBQ from here to high heaven}

Visiting Jasmin and Ben was wonderful! We did brain teasers, played "Wise or Otherwise", busted out the dance moves and sang, an untouchable lunch, AND a good dose of sacrament.

The journey home was a struggle. Not because there was any contention or conflict- but entire exhaustion from all the FF [}. I can't count (1, 15, 7, 2) how many times we had to change drivers, stop and do jumping jacks, and the endless chinese fire drills. We finally made it though.

Post vacation life is hard. Boo hoo right?

All the money to take care of Oscar ( though I don't regret it one bit.)
Figuring out my work schedules and getting back into it [gross].
Matt's letter [how to respond?]
Moving out
More school stuff

I almost got sick when I pulled up my Facebook account and had about 16 messages in my inbox. 10 friend requests (which I deleted. shrugs.) and people to respond to. In fact when I first looked I just turned my computer off not wanting to even BEGIN sifting through all of it.
I'll get to everything eventually.
I'm just not ready to stop having fun.

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