Friday, July 10, 2009


My logging has become so scattered. I hate that. I loathe being inconsistent, but I suppose that's how most things in my life are going right now. Yeah. That word basically sums the whole sha-bang up.
One big inconsistent heap of life. Sounds delicious right?

I don't really know where to begin. That's something I really dislike also. No starting point... because there's truckloads to express. Part of me wants to curl up in a ball and wait for death (or relief). The stress has been killer, combine that with lack of sleep; I'm being pushed over the edge. And the other part of me is H&E [ happy and excited] because there are lots of really POSITIVE things taking place.

Work. Honestly. That's not the part that's getting me. I enjoy being employed. I enjoy the security. I love to people watch. And frankly some of the funniest moments in history take place at work. The other day this fat kid ( and I wouldn't mention that he was fat unless I honestly thought he weighed more than 300-400 lbs. OH, and because the number of times he'd take a step wasn't proportionate to the number of times he BOUNCED. And I'd say he was about 13 yrs old) started screaming at the top of his lungs that he was hungry. "I'M HUNGRY! AHHHHH!!!". I thought my gut was going to bust, but then he took it to another level. He somehow clammered out of the pool without breaking himself, or the silver ladder, plopped down and started doing some kind of [{[{[jiggly wiggily]}]}] dance while yelling the same thing. His parents just looked at him, eyes closed, shaking their heads as if to say "Why us?". It was pretty funny, especially because I could the guard across the way shaking with intense laughter also.

Pretty spesh.
And it made my day.
That and when Jadon sent a huge Somaon guy down the slide to be caught at the bottom by tiny Whitney. It's only funny because she didn't get killed when he came shooting out at the bottom. It was still funny to watch the slide sway to and frow with the weight and speed of him solid body. And her looking up the tube nervously. Sighs. good times.

It's all good. There just isn't time for anything else. David has asked me out 3TIMES and I haven't been able to go any time because of work. Meggae wants me to come down and visit (and I've been DYING to see her), but work keeps getting in the way. I want to go to Jamie's reception but I have to work 14 hour days around it and I don't think that I can squeeze that in anywhere. It's taking over my life. And by the time work is done at around 10 I'm so tired that I don't even want to do anything with Sarah, or Nicole, or anyone. I just want to come home, and lay in my bed. Read a book, watch a movie. Or just sit until I fall asleep and do it all over again.

But I can't stop.
Not with all the stuff I gotta pay for.
What a vicious cycle.

P&M [piss and moan] right?
That's all that is.

Steph and bean are here which is pretty wild, except that I'm not playing my role as "Auntie" very well because I'm never home to spend time with them. And when I AM home I'm just tired and grumpy, not wanting to spend time with ANYONE.
Bean and I are going to feed the ducks today though, in between work times which should be good.

School starts sooner than I'd like it to. I just can't get excited. I've got to talk to Dustin about working 1 day a week at Elements (ps. my knives finally arrived)- and then maybe more once school starts and when my job at the pool ends. I've started paying off my car which is exciting. I'm going to look into a house to move into in August Saturday morning with Karrie. Sounds really tight. I'm going river boarding in 2 weeks and I've got midnight showing tickets to Harry Potter so I'm basically freaking out about that (though I wish you were coming Nicole).

Sarah's birthday is coming up and I know EXACTLY what I'm going to make her. (No mention here though in case she reads this randomly). And I've been talking to Gina about visiting her in Korea at the beginning of August. We'll just have to see how things go I suppose. I SHOULD have enough money, but who knows... I never know...

That's about all I have time for now.
Back to life.

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