Monday, September 14, 2009


Yeah. So I just feel stupid.
I mean, I had a great weekend. Friday I got ahead on homework for the next 2 weeks. It was a relief. Saturday morning Talisa and I endured a 5K run to cure diabetes and then later that night watched Season 5 of the Office while working on my art. (It's going really well.)

Sunday I went down to Provo to sing at the Merriot Center for the CES fireside. And that felt really good. My parents said I was on 3 TIMES! We also think it's because I was 1 of 2 black people in the 888 person choir( the largest choir they've ever had. Go Logan Aggies!). :D I represent. I met a couple people- Michelle, Jimmy, Josh, and Nate. We didn't have much to talk about because I can't relate to people around my own age normally, but it was cool to learn where they all went on their missions and what they planned on doing now that they were back.

The songs we sang were incredible, and Sister Dalton's talk was intrigueing.

All in all a pretty good weekend.
And today I have Institute, Anthroplogy ( which for once I'm dreading), Black Student Union, and then Step Club. And tonight? Not much else except making sure I've got everything set for tomorrows set of classes, oh and washing my hair after I go swimming.

I slept in today. That never happens. So I feel like there's something wrong.
That and the creepy dreams I had last night.
The first one was about how me and 3 of my friends ( 2 boys and 1 girl) were staying in a house up the canyon. It storms approached and lightning hit the moutain above us over and over again. And the next thing I knew there was a fiery furnace all around us. I saw the girl get devoured by the fire so we turned and ran, but it was coming from the other side to. There was a little trail of absent of all flames that led to the river, so we slid down the mountain and tried to get to the river. One by one the 2 boys were destroyed- that's when I woke up.

ANd get this- it actually did STORM last night.

The next one I had had to do with huge semi trucks hauling water up the canyon to fill up the local reserve. And for some reason it terrified me. Thinking that we didn't have enough natural resources to keep our water, there was talk of war over the water and how we were all going to pull an Easter Island on ourselves and end up as cannibals and beings of warfare stuck in pure survival mode.

A man leared at me. And I looked at the shallow pool of water that we were all supposed to use..
And that's when I woke up.

Go figure that I would have nightmares about depleting natural resources. I'm such a tree-hugger.

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