Saturday, October 17, 2009


So the weeping train chug-a-lugged dejectedly into Pathetic-ville last night.
And stayed for a couple hour lay over.

I literally shred my house to pieces rummaging around for the bygone keys. ( the house that I've been cleaning the last couple of days for mum's surprise birthdayness) I catapulted couch cushions into oblivion, mutilated the pillows, launched chairs to and fro, slashed my bed sheets apart and raked through my laundry baskets for them. I went outside and combed through the grass, checked all of D'ojee's stashing places and clawed the ground underneath my car.

It was a 3 hour frenzy, during which I cannonaded into tears. ( only once )

I didn't find them. So I drove mum's car to the gym. The workout wasn't difficult. Because it was a swimming circut. Needless to say I found I had to motivate myself to make it hard.
Which sucked.

Once home, smelling like chlorine, cranky and hungry the trouble started. Upon entering the kitchen the smell of Indian food {{shivers}} consumed my senses. I went upstairs and broke into a waterfall of tears because I can't stand the smell of Indian food... and I just got really sad that my family hadn't thought to include me on the festivities ( like they normally do). Plus I was starving. And my house didn't look as neat and clean as it had before the episode related above. (sorry mum)

It's gets worse.

I ate some rice and naan ( because that's all I could stomache). Had a cup of orange juice ( which sucked because I bought the WRONG kind) and went upstairs to wait out the party where I knew they would be having some kind of dark chocolate cake with cream cheese frosting and ice cream. I can't have any of that.

But mum surprised me!
She'd bought some raspberries and fat free whipping cream most especially for me! So. As I set about to get my dessert in order, so the celebration could take place... the carton of raspberries slipped from my happy hands, plunged to the floor, and scattered all over the tile. The dogs attacked them immediately and right before my swimming eyes they disappeared in seconds.

I sat down. Right there. By the refrigerator. Stared dejectedly into space for maybe a minute. Maybe 2. Then picked up the now empty carton. Placed the fat free whipping cream back in the fridge and wandered upstairs as another surge of tears escaped my aching tear ducts.

Later, as I sat eating [[20 grapes]] watching "the Proposal", trying to absorb myself in another life.. any life except my own... mum comes up with my keys and says "They were on the couch underneath a neatly placed book right by your bag".

I probably would have cried again, but instead I just turned out my light, let myself be sucked back into the mindless romantic comedy and eventually fell asleep.

Hows that for your daily dose of pitiful?

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