Sunday, November 1, 2009


Dude, I don't even celebrate the holiday. Not really anyways. I mean I'll get dressed up because normally there are places around town where you can get discounts when shopping (Not that I went shopping... let's face it, I'm the cheapest person I know). And if you have a costume you can get in places free ( like the corn maze- not that I went). And I mean, I had a really *spirit fingers!* creative time making my Halloween costume because it required my creative juices to ooze out creatively.. but really?

Lamest holiday on the calendar. That and St. Patrick's Day.

And this year sorta ( sorta? no.. completely) confirmed my feelings on it. I don't know when Halloween became a day for a world wide slut fest. But somewhere along the way it certainly did. I mean, if you're a whore- then dress like it all the time. That would be less offensive and not as "telling" persey. I purchased tickets to the Howl because it was supposed to be the sickest dance party EVER! {2 years ago it definitely was}- and the theme was Alice in Wonderland! How could they go wrong right? Best Disney movie since WWII!! Turns out it was incredibly sick, but not because it was COOL.

"What genre of music is this?"
"Do they have a name for this kind of garbage?"
"Hey! Is that guy even wearing anything?"
"Hey.. is that a girl?!? She must not have known that this was a party where OTHER people where going to be present.. and not her bedroom closet..."
"You only bought HALF an outfit?? Oh, you LOST the other half right?"
" What is that person supposed to be? I can think of several names, but none are what you'd call "appropriate" "

This is a portion of the conversation I had with myself while trying to find a way to sync my body to some hardmetalrockpunkhiphoprockandroll tunage ( because that was the whole freaking point in going). It didn't happen. Honestly I don't think I even really tried. I can't dance with my eyes closed, and that's what I kept trying to do.
Needless to say- though I'm going to say it anyways- the only uplifting part of the evening was hanging out with Sarah Lynne, wearing my homemade costume, and watching the Massive Monkies break dance for like.. 15 minutes. Honestly. That's it.

So, 2 thumbs down for Halloween.
Let's get pumped for Thanksgiving!

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