Monday, December 28, 2009


I haven't written in only a few days, but I feel as though I have a years worth of information and updates to get out onto this thing. I'll probably keep this short so my brain doesn't explode. Heh.

So. Christmas.
Last year I spent Christmas on the sunny beaches of Australia, a sweet 90 degrees, with aunts, uncles, cousins, and second cousins on the road to drunkeness while trying to feel comfortable at a super formal dinner and gift exchange for which I was neither prepared for or expecting. I guess it's because things are so lax at my house. Nothing formal or fancy. Certainly no fruitcake, and as far as the gift exchange.. most of our things tend to be gag gifts along with a few things that we actually may need.

I'm not knocking any of it, but I was extra happy to be home for the holidays this year. It went down the way it always does. Comforting. It took weeks to get all the decorations up, and hey.. Christmas is past and we still haven't gotten it altogether. We had an array of pizzas prepared for, all your assumed snackage and that's how we rocked out Christmas day after a frenzy of present opening. The loot?

New book bag for school
Running shoes
2 Shirts ( One fancy, the other had bible verses on it.... daddy..)
2 indian bookmarks
Harry Potter the Philosophy ( If Aristotle Ran Hogwarts)
Glass nail file
3 different perfumes
3 different lotions
Towls, bath beads, candles, loofa
A Texas keychain?
Custom made luggage tags (perfect!)
Socks, gloves
3 different hair pins, combs, clips
Jewlery ( 3 necklaces)
A new dress with rose buttons
Long black coat
A Grow Your Own Bonsai Potatoe Plant (...)

Awesome. All the things I needed, plus some fun stuff on the side. I wore my new dress to church on Sunday. It was smokin! :D So it's Monday and after a disaster, fiasco, unfortunate, overwhelming first ( and possibly last ) day of work I headed to the gym to sweat out all my frustrations.. and then to hit the scale. I've been eating constantly ( my family can be witnesses). I honestly don't remember NOT eating on Christmas day. It wasn't like I sat down and stuffed myself all in one sitting.. it was more just a constant snacking. I told myself I gained no less then 5 lbs, and no more than 7. But I honestly was trembling as I took off my shoes, closed the blinds in the office and advanced to the scale.

And then...
"But wait! That can't be right... can it?"
I got off and stepped back on again.
"Oh. My. Gosh."

How that happened, I have absolutley no idea, but I almost burst into tears of happiness on the stop.. then realized where I was. I had another sudden spurt of adrenaline invade the viens and put in another 1/2 hours work before coming home, getting sick, and hitting the bed of roses. That was around 3. It's about 6:30pm and I just woke up. I have a training session with Patrick tomorrow morning at 6:30am ( what was I thinking when I said that time? I guess it was because the other options were to late. Who wants to be in the gym at say.. 4? I certainly don't). But now the thought of having to be up, scraping off my windows and freezing my way to the gym is making me feel... stupid. Bah! Whatever.

I'm glad Patrick is better.
Now on to the only other area of my life had holds remote interest.

I went on another date with Scott. I hadn't seen him for a good 3 weeks. Finals, and then Christmas, and me feeling weird all the times in between. We went to see Invictus ( which was phenomenal) , and the to the gingerbread house displays downtown, then back to my house for a game of Kemp, finished off the MadGab, preztles, pistaccious, and apple cider.

He hugged me for the first time last night. I'm not sure why that's so significant. He's never been immune to touching me. He's comfortable sitting close, looking into my eyes, but it felt.. right. With his arms around me so...

More on that later. Also. I still haven't put up an before and after picture. What's my problem!?
Time to get ready for Sarahs Fhe.

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