Sunday, January 24, 2010


It's how I've felt for a long time.
That.., as long as I have my faith, and music still occupies my world, no matter what else I miss out on, what experiences, relationships, achievements and adventures that everything will be okay, because I'll still feel [alive] with those two things.
Just a thought.

It's the beginning of another week. And I'd like to make some changes, because I've been slacking on quite a few of the things that were at one point consistent.

I'm not gaining any weight, but I'm also not losing. -currently-. It's because my body has reached a set point, but I haven't been doing anything to break down that wall. So it's time to re-evaluate my eating habits. I HAVE to stop eating so much at dinner, and start eating so much MORE at breakfast. And I need to start using my program again. I know that I'm not overeating by much, but everything counts and I haven't been... counting I suppose. More cardio, better endurance, stronger will. Also, it's time for some real meals, not this packaged/processed trash.

I'm going to finish all my homework for next week by Friday THIS WEEK. I'm not behind, but I feel more secure when I'm slightly ahead. I have a Hospice visit tomorrow at 4:30pm, and a presentation to give on Wednesday (note to self: wake up early to skim the readings, set schedule with Marla)

Along with that I'm making a goal to pick up and actually FILL OUT and TURN IN at least 4 different applications. And to de-junk my entire house ( at $10 an hour) by Saturday night this week.

I need to arrange some activities for my ward. I'll have figured out the Humanitarian Haiti project by Wednesday. {{I promise. }}( and I need to purchase my ticket) And I need to find some people to deliver meals, write a few letters, and make a few visits. It never feels like I'm doing enough. Sighs.

Clean car by Tuesday.
Service it by Saturday.
Hang up laundry by tomorrow- I procrastinate doing all the weird things-
Email Guido by Wednesday.
Return movie TOMORROW.

Get crunk.

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