Sunday, March 14, 2010


My diet today has SUCKED some serious butt.
What a sick image.

I'm not sure what the problem is. It was all sorts of sunshine sunny and then yesterday it snowed. It put me in a weird mood which isn't the way to start off some sweet spring breakage. I didn't really do anything all day except work on some art. Homework. I wrote a letter to Matt and thought about what kind of package I could put together for his Birthday. Had some conflict with friends. I just felt really lonely last night.

Today's been weird.
Davin and Jarren weren't at church. I felt naked without them and I don't know why. I really miss Evan. Bishal called me during sacrament and I still haven't made it around to calling him- but I SHALL get on him- I mean THAT- tomorrow.
I have.. TONS to do tomorrow.

But I'm happy that I have something to list finally.

I'm thinking about going on a morning hike- somewhere. Maybe just a walk because I dislike hiking alone.
Work out.
Clean room.
Geo. readings ( just to get them out of the way)
Social Work paper
Hot tubbing
Alice in Wonderland
And then witch hunting with Jarren. I'm actually REALLY excited about this.

I just feel odd.

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