Thursday, March 18, 2010


Writing this blog is the last thing in the ENTIRE world I want to be doing right now. For no particular reason except I feel so ridiculously restless.
My birthday.

It was {{wonderful}}.
I woke up to some sweet sweet sunshine, drove around the island snapping pictures and exploring the less familiar places while everyone else went to work and school-the poor souls. I managed to get an hours worth of time in at the gym because I KNEW I wouldn't be eating healthy later that evening. Drove home from the gym, showered, changed, readied myself for the day.. while brushing my teeth my cell phone rang.

It was an old man.
He asked if it was me-Chelsea.
I said yes.
He then asked me if I was home.
Without thinking I said "yes".
Then HE hung up. Promptly.

I spent the next 15 minutes debating what to do? Do I vacate the house to protect myself from this OBVIOUS creepy old geezer? Or do I stay and protect my fortress. The doorbell buzzed loudly before I had a chance to properly decide. I bolted downstairs almost tripping the whole way to check out the guy from our spy monitors ( yes, our house is covered with them because we used to get robbed every other week), I discovered an old man standing on our porch. He was carrying something.

I peered closer.
They were flowers! ALOT of flowers.
Feeling silly and VERY relieved I bounded back up the stairs, tripping all the way to receive them. I thought to myself "Man, my daddy is the sweetest one in all the land".
However, when I ripped open the card I saw that it was NOT from my father.

It was from Evan.
Now... Evan. The consideration this man has, the idea that he would actually go out of his way to buy me a GORGEOUS arrangement of flowers, for MY birthday ( a girl that he has only spent time with once-though we talk every day) absolutely BAFFLES my mind. It was very special to me that he would remember and do something for me. Very special. My room now smells of day lillies and roses- and the cute old man told me they should last for MONTHS. Perfect. I still can't quite wrap my head around it- but I definitely need to consider the possibilities.


After that episode I headed over to Nicoles ( we were going to go find a witch and the creepy retreat for nuns and priests SOMEwhere in the canyon). However by the time I got over there, there wasn't enough time-we headed to the movie theater where we saw Alice In Wonderland. It was great! Props to Tim and his imagination and style-LOVE it. I also purchased movie popcorn for the first time in about... 2 years. It was good for the first couple mouthfuls but I quickly regretted buying it. Anyway.

After the film I headed home to have Chinese, Chocolate Godiva Cake and vanilla ice cream with my family. Superb. I spent the rest of night playing cards and the thimble game with my posse. It was a really REALLY good relaxing night.

A periwinkle blue shirt that my sisters picked out. AWESOME.
An elmo pinata full of candy ( why? I have NO idea because I don't EAT candy.)
Bracelets from my mom.
$100 to do what I want with.
A poem. (So funny)
Sidewalk Chalk.
Window Markers ( which are REALLY fun)
A new journal.
Alicia Keys new album
Softlips Chapstick
A large box of Dots ( alright alright, this is the ONLY candy I eat- and ONLY on my birthday)
and flowers.

It was really great!

Last night I celebrated St. Patrick's Day with the Kemptons. Damien showed up, along with Benji and Derek. We played some games where we could win prizes- Jess showed me before everyone showed up- she had pringles, soda, lifesaver mints, mike and ikes ( all these things are green) and then she pulled out an apple and said "Because I know you don't eat junk food". It was really thoughtful of her. I like when people take my lifestyle goals into consideration- it's just really nice. I hope I do that for others as much as they do it for me.

I left early. Too many late nights made me break out - isn't that interesting? So I got a really good sleep last night. Unfortunately I didn't do much with my day. I dejunked my room- AGAIN. Another full garbage sized bag full of clothes to the D.I. and went through movies, music, books and got rid of things that I never use, read anymore, or enjoy watching. The pile is slowly shrinking- I'm trying to be minimalistic. Just another goal I have.

Went to work out tonight- I've gained a couple lbs. I think it's water though because I've been gulping it down all day long. I ate terrible on Tuesday, but I planned for and did my best to eat good portions. Today I laid around and didn't do anything- and I did eat alot ( nothing SUPER bad, just volumes) and it made it hard at work out tonight.
Only me and Mary showed up. So it was us 2, Patrick, and Natalie- and I actually had a really good time doing one on one stuff like that.

I'm supposed to look up Relacore ( it's supposed to help relieve stress). We decided that's what is keeping me at this set point. My sleeping is ok, my eating is healthier then most. I go to the gym for at least an hour every single day (except Sunday, and I'll almost always go on a walk on that day). I'm doing a really good job- and then he said something that really scared me. He said that it's pretty normal to be stuck at a set point for MONTHS. Not just 1-2.. but 7, 8, 9, and whole freaking year.

I promise here and now that THAT will NOT be the case with ME.
In fact. By Thursday next week I will have lost all the weight I gained today at the weigh in PLUS 3 more lbs. It's going to be tough- but I can work harder at being more active throughOUT the day and not just at work out. I can eat a little bit healthier, and stop eating earlier.. it can't be good eating close to midnight.

It'll happen.
Mark my typed words.

So now I'm going into town to find something to spend my $100 on.
Or at least.. partly on.

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