Sunday, April 18, 2010


So. We found the nunnery. [We FINALLY found it.]

Nicole and I headed up the canyon to do a little browsing. After driving for awhile we located the camp ground (again, finally) and started to proceed into the forest after I made sure all the doors were locked and windows up. Instantly my stomach clenched, the dark deepened, and my headlights flickered. We headed to a point leading off in three different directions. We turned to the right and came to a dead end where the car almost stalled and set us into a fit of panic, and after that we headed out because well, we didn't have guys with us. Some pretty creepy things have happened out there and while Nicole was all for heading to the left I couldn't handle it. If something happened I wouldn't know what to do!! It's not like I could save us or something, and possession is something that seriously scares the CRAP out of me.

So we headed out like I said, almost peed our pants when a deer jumped into the road because we thought it was a person at first, and then finally saw the opening to the mouth of the canyon. We attempted to find the abandoned house, but never really figured out where it was. The most information we had was that it was somehow through the street from Mike's house but.. all of the houses looked new and had lights on so obviously we were looking in the wrong place.

I'm nervous to go up there, but I HAVE to at the same time.
Evan is coming Monday? Tuesday? Maybe both days and we'll go on a mini adventure with Clayton and Nicole. I'm anxious to see what happens because with him being more than just distant this week I'll be interested to see if the spark died somewhere along the way. If it did I can console myself in the fact that it wasn't my doing. I did my best to keep contact with him, etc. Either way we'll be friends and he'll go to all the creepy places with me because he's braver than me!

School is almost finished.
I have a portfolio to hand in. A final paper. A final presentation, 2 exams, a debate and I'm FINISHED.
I have a job secured for the summer, and a couple places in mind that I could move in to.
The week after school ends I'm heading to the Grand Canyon with some friends for a week, and then to Chicago in July.
Good times.
Good times.

I'm ready!

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