Monday, May 17, 2010


Have you guys ever just-messed up?

In any sense of that word?
Maybe you told a lie or exaggerated a tiny truth?
Acted out irrationally or said something you didn't mean?
Maybe you said TOO much on accident.

Maybe you made up a story just to make you feel better about the way things are actually in your life. Maybe you're life seemed boring, or not intense enough.

Maybe there's a place you go where no one knows you and you have the opportunity to be whatever you want. Maybe you'll say you have a more interesting job then the one you ACTUALLY have. Maybe you'll say you have a skill that in reality you don't but that you WANT to have.

Maybe you're just not as cool as you want to be.
Or as cool as you think you should be.

It's an interesting concept.
Every time I go somewhere new I'm not the same person as I am here-wherever that is. It's not like I consciously make the effort to "change" who I am or that I actually change anyways, and it's not because I dislike who I am or something.
I'm more extravagant or adventurous. More independent. My likes and dislikes become more extreme. I act smarter, or I just feel more intelligent.


I wonder why that happens sometimes.
Isn't it ok to just be.. mediocre?

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