Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Well, there's something to work towards, and someone that's willing to give things another shot once I've gotten to a good-better- place. It certainly is some motivation- as backwards as it seems.

I mean, I KNOW it's backwards.
That's where I need to start though-back.

This afternoon was Nicole's bridal shower. The theme was Dr. Seuss so we made posters and put together some sweet finger food. We played "What's In Your Purse", took photos, colored some pictures for the happy couple and had a great time catching up with friends and meeting some of her sisters and soon to be sister-in-laws.

The problem with snack food is that you never really know when to stop eating it because-it's not an actual meal. So I think I did ok. I tried to gauge it by how I felt. Now I'm at home feeling like I've got the munchies again. I've got a pizza cooking in the oven, sipping some ice water wishing that I was on some wild adventure instead of C-Ville with nothing to do but wait for the summer job to start.

I'm sleeping and reading a lot, working on some art and just trying to stay SANE ya know?
Give me a break.

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