Friday, June 25, 2010


{{So last night I found a new favorite spot ( alright, it was shown to me by a really good friend, but it's still my favorite now). }}
I've been up Smithfield Canyon probably.. uh.. one thousand times but I've never seen this place before. It's past the 2nd gate and then about a five minute hike to the most enchanting meadow. It's gorgeous ( pictures will be up soon, cause let's face it.. I plan on spending lots of time up there), there's a nice little overhang where you can see the sunset in between the "v" that the mountains make, and get this... a wooden rope swing chair big enough to seat two people. In memory of Jacob Hawkes ( I don't know who that is, but I like his chair)

It's like out of a fairytale-seriously. It's amazing, I couldn't even believe it. I was seriously baffled by how quaint and cozy this place was. There was a fire pit a couple feet back and a nice little grove of trees elegantly shaded with leaves- we found a hide out in there. I could play up there all day long, and I DEFINITELY plan on camping up there, lots of bonfires- oh my gosh! I love it! I would build a sweet awesome tree house HOUSE up there and just live up there forever-if I COULD.
Fish out of the stream, and just live a simple life.

It was beautiful. And soothing.

So we headed on up there, and sat on the awesome swing, watched the mediocre sunset (we've both seen better) and talked. It was good to just clear the air, get back on the same track, understand a little more what's going on in both of our heads, and laugh until our sides ached. It was so good to just SEE him. It's been a long time, and the more time I spend with him, the more I realize just how much I missed him while he was gone.

It was great! We talked for about 3 1/2 hours, ate a delicious meal and then made our way back down the trail ( in the dark which was hideous because I have suckfest ankles AND was wearing flip flops because I didn't know we would be HIKING) and had some snacks along the way. We really should have left earlier, I was eaten alive by the mossies. (mosquitos). Seriously. These things were vicious. It's was my own fault for not wearing a jacket or insect repellent I GUESS, but these monsters bit THROUGH my clothes. I got bit a couple times THROUGH my pants, and get this.. I have a huge one on my stomach? What the crap!

I must taste good.
So we headed down and then stopped at the park where my car was. While standing there just chit chatting a cop came and told us that it was illegal to park there after dark? I knew that you couldn't go play in the park and stuff, but I figured that parking across the street was fine- apparently not. So we joked around with the she cop while she called it in the check out records. She told us that she gets people on this street all the time and that it's her favorite place to play cop. So funny. She was really nice though, and after she cleared everything up with uh.. dispatch? We were allowed to go along on our way. We both headed home, it had been a long day-for both of us.

Good night.
GOOOOD night.

So today I work until about 10pm and then I'll head over to the bonfire he's having for Cameron before he heads out on his mission. Possibly boating tomorrow with him and his family, and hopefully dessert with Karrie later tomorrow night. Sunday he gives his homecoming talk which should be fun, and then a BBQ after to chit chat.
Man, I'm glad he's home.

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