Sunday, July 11, 2010


{I've an elephantine encumbrance of essentials to scribble about today.}

It's always befitting to kickoff at the beginning right? Is it ever appropriate to open at the close? (besides in Harry Potter?!) That's something I'll have to consider doing- cause who knows-the repercussions could be calamitous. Don't act like they couldn't.

The nonsense commenced on Friday evening. After a [compacted] day at the grind, roasting in the
buttery and boiling sunshine, barking commands at pedestrians and trying to absorb as much of "Adam's ale" as was possible it was finally time to make some quality memories with *the girls. I can't rouse the last moment that all 4 of us were in the same ballpark and IN {{close proximity}} with each other. I really can't. And if that's not the biggest oversight in my social agenda-good Gordon. Glad we ended that genius streak of abomination and intolerance. Someone might have lost an eye.
So here's what happened. We snatched some Pita Pit, then drove back to Nicole's condo, yammering and giggling nonsensically at j.a.e. (just about everything). We shimmied down on the floor, devoured our delicacies and then elected to play some Spoon Truth or Dare. Not sure if we made that up or not, but you get the gist. Spoons. The poor unfortunate soul who's reflexes betray them and don't get a spoon has to pick truth or dare. We get it. Juvenile much? Well. YEAH. We wouldn't do it otherwise.

There were some highlights-of course. Nicole ate a knee pit peanut butter and jelly sandwhich cracker concoction. And Sarah had to wear her bra over her shirt "daisy dukes, bikini's on top". Emily licked someone's car window-yep- then penned them a note that said "I licked your car, sorry about the spittle-love Emily." I was dared to phone someone and tell them that I had their rice cooker...... why Nicole came up with that, I don't know, and I never want to know because it was priceless. Straight to voice mail; "Hey buddy, I've got your rice cooker-you really pulled through for me on that one pal, you can have it back, just call me.."
And then Sarah was unlucky enough to have to do ANOTHER dare, so she called the same girl and said "Hey, I've got your rice.... in case you want it... back."

....We were high on hilarity and Ben&Jerry's ice cream, which is probably why we snorted and snickered till we wept.
What happened next is something I like to call "Fess' Up". It goes a little something like this:

Emily: "So I have a confession to make about swim team. Do you guys remember {C}, and how obnoxious he was?"
Us: "Yeah"
Emily: "Ya know how he'd sit on the wall not doing anything, and then once you flip turned he'd push off and be riding on your toes?"
Us: "How could we forget?"
Emily: " Well, I always drank a lot of water before practice so when he'd do that...I'd just pee on his head."

Nicole: "I cheated on {DS} with {J} junior year of high school."
Us: "Wait, what? They're like the same person"
Nicole: "..I was a junior."
Me: "I made out in a walk-in freezer once. There was a whole frozen pig to the left"
Them: "What did you do when you saw it?"
Me: "Pointed it out to {I}."
Them: "What did he do?"
Me: "He said "well, would ya look at that!" and started kissing me again"
Us: "So.. Sarah?"
Sarah: "I don't have anything to confess"

Memorable moments in the lives of us.
Embarrassing moments:
"I did the lunge-kiss-miss-hug"
"What in the world is that?"
" .......What do you think it was?"

pet peeves:
"I really hate old woman that have boob jobs."
"Do you see those types of people.. often?"
"Yeah, all the time at Lowe's."
"Wait, where??"

worst fears:
"I always worry that my elbow skin is too fat.."
"Do elbows even HAVE fat?"
"..I don't know.."

secret ambitions:
"I've always wanted to be a forest ranger"
~pregnant pause~

paramount days:
"There was this one day that I rode my four-wheeler all day up in the hills and mountains. It was the best."
"What did you think about"
"I don't remember"

{WAS} a dream come true. Literally. We were up till' about 3am chuckling before Sarah and I decided to call it a night- and what a wonderful night it turned out to be. I can't wait until t.n.t ( the next time)

*Sarah, Nicole, Emily

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