Friday, July 16, 2010


Yep, I'm about to watch an episode of "Garage Mahal".
I just woke up (well, not just) and have Isaac till' about 1pm this afternoon.
After that I'm going for a nice run down at the track and then back to make some dinner and head off to work.
Talisa is finally on her way back from German camp. I've missed the adorable little mench. Can't wait to see her ( and use her straightener because my hair's been nothing but crazy curls this last week, and I'm ready for something a little more TAME).

Not sure what's happening with Chicago anymore, it's actually looking like it might not happen-not sure why I'm surprised, this seems to happen every time I try and plan a sweet trip with anyone but my family. So I'm still going somewhere ( and it'll probably still be Chicago) but.. just in case I'm checking out some other places I haven't been for awhile.

Jet skiing Saturday afternoon. Hopefully.

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