Thursday, July 22, 2010


Sitting in the bowling alley 2 1/2 games in. The place is crowded with people, the sizzle of frying foods, greasy odors, pins dropping, and loud techno pop- the way a bowling alley should be. A couple moments later (it could have been a minute, or 1/2 hour- I never really know with him) we look around to find it's just us, with some of the workers observing our game.

G leans over and whispers..
"uh, Chels-I think somethings going on."
"What do you mean? Like a conspiracy?"
"Well, YEAH- we're the only two minorities in all of CV"


"You know what this means right?"
"That I can try to tap dance, do the robot, and bowl all at the same time."


"Special. Ed."

It was more than just "fun" or "enjoyable", freak kids-it was PARAMOUNT, and I LOVE when he comes back because, well. Here's the thing. He's all hardcore-Israeli-army-guy for most of the year, so when he comes backs he gets to let off some steam and seriously relax-which turns into a lot of laughing, joking around, and witty sarcasm. I laugh more in those 2-4 dates I have with him every year, then I do in-well, awhile I guess.
We decided that the worst way to die would be by "the everything at once" aka TEAO

sneezing, coughing, burping, barfing, sweating, cramping, etc- all at once.
It would be awful. Torturous.

Anyway, it was a phenomenal night-ugh and I'm going to miss him so much! I'll see him one more time before he leaves next Tuesday. And then he won't be back until at least March. Sadness. But I'll survive, I always do.

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