Wednesday, August 18, 2010


{Camping tomorrow}

English words [or any other words] really do not and cannot adequately embody enough the sheer childlike joy and euphoria that is PulsinG through my ENTIRE body at the very {{thought.}} I have been awaiting this trip the entire summer.

And tomorrow, we're finally going!

So here is what's on the agenda: laughing and lots of it, playing at the lake (sand castles, burying, skinny dipping, running, jet skiing), campfire, tinfoil dinners, smores, I can't wait to sit in my camp chair, sip some hot chocolate or cider- while listening to some sweet sweet tunes, ghost stories, tasteful gossip, hoodies and sweatpants!, sleeping bags, air mattresses (cause we're awesome), late night hikes, biking, exploring the caves, water fights, raspberry shakes, sunshine, coolers! I can't wait to fill up my cooler!, tents, did I mention laughing? Girl talk (with more laughing), games, dancing, etc. And seriously, that's probably only the beginning.

I. CANNOT. wait. I CAN'T.

So I'm gonna start packing.

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