Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Institute Choir tonight. We're singing "Our Saviors Love" (ohmygoodnessohmygoodessohmyGOODNESSsoexcited)
And a version of "True To The Faith" that I've never heard and we never got all the way through it tonight so I STILL haven't heard the whole thing. Should be beautiful though

Is it cheesy that while singing the first song I teared up? I don't care, it's a beautiful song and to hear us all harmonize together was a glorious thing to behold plus our song instructors are the freaking MEN! I love them!

So I've been making some changes. Whenever I feel as though my life is coming to a standstill or going backwards I begin with the five sense. I review what I watch, listen to, touch, smell, and taste to make sure that the outward things are in check. Turns out I DID have some things that needed to be considered in all those areas except maybe smell. Everything else, well, there's definitely a notch higher that I could and should be trying to reach.

So I'm working on it and am glad to say that things are feeling a little better.
Also, I started yoga at nights to help me sleep and to take the stress out of my body cause I think that's been getting me down as well. All around things are beginning to look up, and I'm excited about the possibilities.

The weather today was gorgeous

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