Wednesday, October 13, 2010


So I have a mini job for the time being.
Cleaning my house for my mom, and she put me on a retainer for the month-I'll do this until I find something else I suppose.

It kinda works out, because I mostly clean up the house anyways because I can't stand it when it's messy (I have this thing with bugs and spiders, and if things are clean there are less places for creepy crawlies to hide. Yeah whatever, I'm a wuss). So it's good. Just a daily upkeep and I'll get paid at the end of the month.

I can't wait for them to leave on Halloween ( they're going back to Australia, and then to New Zealand for 2 weeks) because then I can attempt another overhaul. They just weren't gone long enough for me to get to everything last time when they went to South Dakota. But with 2 weeks- this place will be golden by the time they return, and all their pack rat hoardage will have vanished-PRETTY FREAKING EXCITED!

I'm glad they're going together. They need this trip :D

Temple earlier today-I needed it.
Party tomorrow night at Jeff's.
No classes Friday.
Nice long weekend.
2nd Math Exam over.


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