Tuesday, December 14, 2010


{Rainbow day}

dreamless sleep, cleaned room and kitchen, and living room, great scripture study, found chapstick, call from Maria (toes-yes toes- and presents!) cleaned front door hallway/foyer, couple hours of study, healthy lunch, FB email from Brooke, lots of water, temple with mum, story about daddy, long work out (down 6 lbs), enjoyable study session (love political science!), night rain, call from Mark, set up for Friday (snow shoeing!), Bryan with my schedule {start next Wed.}, text from other Brian (fun& funny), text from the Evanator (Wyoming get's Logan radio?) "shakes" waiting for me when I got home :D, couple minutes of the house to myself, garden salsa, music, ready for final tomorrow, Heather in 4 days, new contacts, Cosby show, fluffy white robe, hot showers, no tears, serviced car, FHE activity on Friday, Fry-night Friday, FHE cards, visiting teaching, [{[{Narnia Saturday]}}], training Saturday, g.o.a.l.s with Patrick, "the time" by black eyed peas, "right here" by brandi, "we r who we r" by kesha, "stereo love" by edward maya and vika jigulina, playing how well do you know me with Meggae, volume, finger pads healing, nail strengthener working, jim-halpert, professor lyons, homemade pizza muffins, early night.

I know things are not entirely there yet.
But I'm grateful for the rainbow days.
And that they will come exactly when I need them without knowing it.

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