Thursday, December 16, 2010


Saw Narnia.
Loved Narnia.
Dreamed about Narnia
Want to live in Narnia.
Narnia. Is. Life.

Perfect situation for me.
Needed to be alone in a dark place.
5 people in the theater-acquired the best seat in the house.

I've had a couple people ask me why I love it so much.
More than Harry Potter ( which is saying something)
More than Lord of the Rings ( which is also saying something)
More than Twilight
More than Salt
More than Wallstreet: Money Never Sleeps
More than Pride and Prejudice
More than Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants (which I watch OVER&OVER&OVER again)
More than the Iron Mans
-Keep in mind that I LOVE all those movies so much-

I've never read the books.
Couldn't do it.
Just like Lord of the Rings.
The first book is all back history.
Nothing that you can understand until you've read everything BUT that.
Or if you're like me- you never read the books- just watched the movies.

I don't know how to explain why I just... APPRECIATE it so much.

I love the idea of a closet leading to another dimension.
I love my OWN closet.
I love youthful courage and spirit.
I love that the animals talk.
I love that it's a family.
I love the time era for which it was written.
I love that it's C.S. Lewis.
I love the music.
I love the symbolism.
I love the ways I relate to it.

So last night was great.
Phased everything else out.
And soaked it up.
It kept me thinking the whole time.
I didn't want it to stop.

Once it ended I headed home.
Sat in my room.
Needed it.
Still need it.

Purchasing daddy's Christmas present tomorrow.
Training tonight kicked my trash.
But I worked harder than I have in a long time.
Car wouldn't start.
Then it did.
Long hot shower.
Delicious food.
Hot cider.
Biggest Loser Finale.


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