Wednesday, January 19, 2011


While trundling down to the stadium on the Evening Express I watched as the lady sitting kitty corner to me put her huge purse down on the floor, slipped her hand inside and pulled out a Big Gulp 7-eleven container, full, I'm sure, of some sugary caffinated beverage. She took a few swills the quickly shoved the thing back down into her purse.

I think she was embarrassed?
I was just baffled that a thing that size could FIT in a purse.
And just that it WAS in her purse.
It was the size of a medium-ish child.

Amazing day.
Mind blowing.

ENVS. Professor-Lane- is...
Well after class today he pulled me aside. First of all, I've never introduced myself to him (I always DO introduce myself to my professors, but I just hadn't gotten around to it yet), I haven't thus far participated in class discussion (trying out theories or giving my own perspective), all that being said I was surprised when he called me-by name.

At the beginning of the semester we had to fill out little index cards that would tell them a little big about us. What year we are in school, what career we're pursuing, the places we've traveled-and why- etc. He wanted to talk to me about what I put down as a career I might want. Working for National Geographic. I had a really great chat with him about how to go about doing that. He's gonna set me up with a couple contacts and said I should just start writing some things down about the experiences I've had, the people I've met, just to get some sample material. It was really encouraging to have him be so interested in what I wanted to do. And that he took the time to learn my name and recognize my face so that he COULD chat with me about it.

Swa-eet I tell you.


gap in between classes.

Met up with Nicole and talked about sexual fetishes people have (she took Abnormal Psychology so she knows all about it). It's cool. We talk about everything.

We got up to head out separate ways-she was off to class-I was heading down to Home Depot to pick up a yardstick. Left my ipod on the couches. Didn't realize it until about an hour later (I'm at Borders by the point getting ready to study) when I wanted to listen to some tunes. Panicked. Headed back up to school, dread weighing heavy in my stomach "what are the chances that it's still there?". Made my way all the way back to the couches and BING. There it was. The headphones all wrapped neatly around the little musical package of joy. Said a prayer of thanks then headed over to the Fine Arts building.

We drew milk cartons.

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