Saturday, January 22, 2011


{Life: lookin' good...loooooookin' good.}

Set up with a contact at National Geographic. Yep. Happening.
Discovered "LessThan3"-Oh gosh. GTE
Rediscovered Peter Fox.
Business is picking up. Thank goodness
Oscar; no longer squealing like a little girl. Relief.
Art supplies- In.

May I be busy the rest of my life.

Free write:
synthetic noise, dance, kitchen line, clocking in, coffee, so much coffee, white, please, sprints, sweat vs. strength, 2 week journal, relay, Logan-Jackson, 30 day challenge, over, pro peace, stop the clock, satisfied, chump change, sourkraut, techno vs. trance, pop, lock, drop it, uffie, glock glock, bass, pull it back, eyebrow, twisted, poetry, self portrait, becoming, identity, carefree, flipped ear, 86 THE RIBS!, "damn", pacing, presentation, too many pencils, pens, $12.00, happy.

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