Monday, February 14, 2011


Life's hilarious.

Jared Diamond is an idiot.} Really tired of talking about his theories, ideas and opinions. I mean, if I wanted to join a book club, to discuss "Guns, Germs and Steel", I would have and probably could have done it for free.

I can't believe the entire class has been based on this book.
Thank goodness for Jo Tainter and his opposing ideas. I actually understand and agree with him on most things-too bad he was only a guest speaker today. Really thinking about taking a class from him. Complexity and Innovation. Yes. Only the rest of this semester to go. Sighs.

It's strange hating something, and also finding it interesting.
Don't get it. Or maybe it makes sense. Whatever.

Funny drive tonight.
I told Sarah that I've been swearing a lot lately. She busted up, then I busted up and we laughed like maniacs for a good minute or too. We don't know what's wrong with us. Then she told me that if I was a man, she'd marry me. That started the laughing again. I dig that.

Finished my triangulation piece.
It's awesome.
Been listening to Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
Love track 4.
And 8.
Mm MM mm.

The bruises on my legs are bigger now, and I love it.
And more white splotches have shown up on my left arm, and I'm good with it.
I've got this weird bump in my neck, and I think it's funny.
My saliva glands are swollen and sensitive, I'm cool.
All of those things made my day. Seriously.
Really happy with the way things are.

Happy Valentines Day.

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