Wednesday, February 16, 2011


The world has been happy since Monday.
BLUE skies, wind warming up, the soggy ground drying up, things slowly becoming greener, jackets are coming off, and the socks too.
Happy world=a more happier me.

I've been trying to figure out the things that are most important for me to be focusing on currently. Since my mind has been whirling around since this revelation, and because I'm no closer to figure out what those things are, I figure I'm going with what can't be a bad option.

So I've decided to work on taking my own personal spirituality up a couple notches. Thinking about things more, making some short term goals, being more sincere in everything that I do. I suspect that's probably a good place to start right? Then hopefully things will start falling where they need to fall. And I hope that what falls is what I want, and that God wants it for me also.
Also- my health. Can definitely be a little more aware of that.

In other news:

I'm setting a deadline for my story. I'm going to give myself 12 hours starting tomorrow at noon. So by midnight tomorrow night I WILL have the last paragraph put together and then can work on refining it.

I've got a huge test coming up in ENVS uh.. .THIS Friday. Haven't been doing the reading, really haven't been getting into the class as much as I should have been. Tomorrow there will be a couple review sessions-definitely need to hit those up.

We start playing with charcoal powder today in Art (ps, remember to wear close I don't care about) & I finished my sketch on Banksy.

Things to look forward to:

Next week I DON'T WORK FRIDAY NIGHT. What?? OH my GOSH. Way excited-something awesome is definitely going to happen that night-so help me.

Geek photo shoot.

Game night.


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