Thursday, March 17, 2011


Once every 100 years something amazing happens. On March 16th, 23 years ago, such an event took place. Her name? Chelsea. Yes. Me. Chelsea. The world wasn't really ready, and frankly, it will never catch up or BE ready. And neither will you. :D

It (my birthday) started out with a religious/spiritual discussion and a sketch of jellyfish. I was asked an interesting question, something along the lines of how I keep to my convictions. I gave some kind of answer. I honestly don't really remember what I said but I've been thinking about it since and it really all comes back to my name. My last name that's been passed on for generations and everything that stands for. The name my parents gave me in reference to my great great grandmother and the implications for what that actually means and lifestyle I want to uphold. And the name that I've chosen to take upon myself as a member of my faith. Yes. It's about reputation, but it's reputation in all the good senses of the world. It's expectation. All positive. But it's more than that.

I love my family. They mean more to me in the entire world. And to be a part of this clan is a privilege and a blessing. Being adopted really puts that into perspective for me. Where would I be if I wasn't placed with this family? I'm lucky. They're good people. And that's what I want to be. I never knew my great great grandmother. I saw a picture of her once and thought she looked harsh and rigid. The picture scared me. I asked mum to tell me about her one day and everything changed. She had a hard life, but never gave up on any of the positive things IN her life. Need I say more. And then my faith. There isn't a better example of a good person more so than my Savior. There are obvious reasons for wanting to be like him. Or at least trying to be.

Anyways. Just got me thinking, and it was a great way to begin this next year of my life.
I woke up and there was a package of DOTS sitting on my dresser. Hhhhh... yes yes yes. I love birthdays, but always feel a little weird about gifts. I always know that I'll get some but.. weird.
Came downstairs and daddy gave me the gift from him and mom. $$$. Right into my savings account.

Rainy weather.
Had to go to school.
But that was alright.
Zach loved my jellyfish sketch.

Game night.

-sidenote really quick- I'm watching Modern Family. The husband and wife just got in a fight. The husband called the flourist and got her a dozen roses with a card that said "Good luck staying mad honey". HILARIOUS.-

The birthday ended with a hot session with the man.
I told Joni that "He's been keeping things up his sleeve.. but then I took off his shirt, get it!!??"
I didn't really take his shirt off. But obviously thought about it. Happy Birthday to me.

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