Thursday, March 31, 2011


He seriously started a fire, in the middle of the snowy trail, so I could warm up my freezing wet toes. He used his "CCK" (cheap chinese knife) to cut some dry twigs, make some shavings, then he used his empty gum packet for kindling. The snow shoes helped, but it had rained earlier so puddles and slushy snow dominated the trail. We were soaked.

The goal was to conquer my weird qualm with the dark (and it was SUPER dark). Just for the night. It worked. I can't remember a single moment where I felt afraid. Course it helped being with a real-deal-red-neck-to-the-core-survivor-man who said that I would be fine because I was with him. True too. I was totally fine.

Never made it to the 2nd gate. We both were freezing and had no idea how much further we had to go. It didn't make much sense. I wanted to get up there in a timely manner so I led and seriously pushed the pace. He didn't tell me till after he'd shed all his layers that he hadn't eaten all day, and had a sore back from babysitting. Whoops. We got far along the trail, but never made it up there. Kept trying to figure out where we were but everything looked so different in the dark. On the way down he said we should try and go Saturday afternoon. Make it up there, bring some food, have a little lunch, maybe get a fire going and bring some marshmallows. LOVE that idea.

So maybe Saturday afternoon will work out.

Finished my paper on time for ENGL.
But forgot to take my online quiz for POLS.

Vegas next week.

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