Friday, April 22, 2011

Selena Gomez & The Scene - Who Says

Been loving this song lately.


So the room I'd be getting is actually a private for the same price! Everything thus far as fallen gracefully into place. I have much to be grateful for.

I made a mistake a couple of days ago. Okay. I make mistakes on a daily basis but this one is always a big deal when it happens. I almost couldn't take responsibility for my mistake because I knew the consequences could be ones that could make me sad. Pretty cowardly huh? And selfish. If I hadn't done it in the first place I wouldn't have put myself in such an awful spot. I couldn't fall asleep. Kept tossing and turning. Worrying. Crying. Praying. Hoping. Then could NOT take it anymore. I had to fix it right then. So I did to the best of my ability-then slept like a baby.
The torture we put ourselves through.

The last couple of days have been MORE torture, waiting to see what could happen, if things could be resolved. I don't know, but then another miracle happened. And I can't explain how these two things are related but I know because I tried to make right the thing I did wrong, that I was blessed with a visit from the girls who teach me from the ward. It might be hard to follow that connected dotted line, but I know if I hadn't tried to fix things THAT might not have happened. Just one of those things I know. They are interrelated.

It was amazing!
I've needed my visiting teachers to come (and I've received some motivation to go see my girls because of them), and I'm glad the girls that now have me, came by for a chat. We laughed and joked and told each other about our lives. They shared a message about womanhood with me - made me very happy and excited to BE a woman (LOVE) and left a feeling of happiness and love in their wake. So much so that I had one of those special moments where the tears you're crying were ones of thankfulness.

It's a new season.
And I'm working on a new attitude.
It's so sunny outside.

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