Sunday, May 15, 2011


A little update:

All moved into my new place.
It's awesome, but I feel like I live there by myself. I'm not complaining, but it would be cool to hang out with the other girls that are paying to live there also. I guess their kinda like me though; in that summers are times to put your nose to the grind and crank out the cash.
Once my 2nd and 3rd job start things will feel a little better.
Bike is serviced. Can put Oscar in storage for a few months and save some cash.
Savannah's is slowly but surely starting to pick up, plus we've got some new fantastic staff.

I'm losing weight. A lot because I've picked up the running and working out, and also I think the move had me stressed out. Oh, and the part where I haven't really bought any food because I don't know how the girls system works. I have breakfast foods though!

Been loving the sunshine.
Loving it.
A lot.
Did I mention how wonderful the sunshine has been.

Found myself in a crazy situation the other night.
3am, 4 cop cars, DUI and tickets for going 140 mph through the canyon.
No, it wasn't me who was speeding, or drinking.
Super ghetto though.

But I have slept at my apt for the last 2 nights IN A ROW which is a record since for the first week I lived there-I didn't actually sleep there. I slept through my alarm this morning so missed church. At home doing laundry.

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