Thursday, June 9, 2011


It was 2 to 2. And on my last hit I called the right pocket, but it bounced back into a WRONG pocket. I lost. But I suppose that's okay because I kicked his trash at bowling the last time we went out. We acquired the best table in the joint. It was incredibly enjoyable. We made our way to RedBox afterwards and rented... wait for it... NARNIA!! I really like the last movie because of the parallels I see with my beliefs. I love the part where Aslan says "In order to beat the darkness out there, you must first conquer the darkness within yourself". And also the part where Eustace couldn't change by himself. He needed Aslan and the way he described was "A good hurt, like pulling a thorn out of your side".

Man, love that movie.
ALMOST.. ALMOST teared up, but not quite.

We also decided to try out some Ben&Jerry's Karamel Sutra ice cream. Um. Delicious.
An evening that left me feeling very content. And plans for July 4th. Camping! Somewhere!
I haven't ran in about a week-should probably get on that.

Things are getting better.

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