Tuesday, June 14, 2011


I dunno.
It's just really nice to have THAT friend again.
It's been a really long time since I've had that, and I really don't want any of it to go away.
The last 2 nights have been amazing.
Sunday night was a little rough, but he called around 2am and talked to me until about 330am. It was a good chat, he told me a couple jokes, asked me some pretty interesting questions, and I just laughed. A lot. It felt good.
Last night we played a racing game. Totally sucked it up but he's awesome at not making me feel like a loser because of it. Then we watched Demetri Martin.

The sketch scared me though.
He was planning on going fishing at 7am so when the time came I left.
Actually.. more like flew out of there. Kinda left in a whirlwind.
Later at home I sent him a text expressing my worries. All I got back was an "LOL".
Course I think he was still half asleep... but I know we have different ideas about, well, everything-this just adds to my worry.

But here are some good things:
The sun is bright and sky is clear today.
My room mate Catherine is back from Ecuador and we're already becoming really good friends.
I was double scheduled, but found someone to cover one of my shifts.
I got a lot of sleep last night.
I voiced a BUNCH of concerns I had at the "Mandatory Employee Meeting" last night.
I finally bought some groceries! And they will all be delicious.
Talisa is back from Germany in a few days.
Victoria and Cami are up visiting for the next 2 days.


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