Friday, August 5, 2011


So, really need to get back on the running train. Or maybe swimming. I weigh exactly the same but I think some of my muscle is starting to turn to jelly. "Flappity flap" And truth be told, I've been pretty lazy the last couple of weeks. And exhausted-which doesn't happen when I'm on a good schedule for working out.

Starting tonight.
Tomorrow I'm figuring out my classes for fall semester.

Helped Cristian in the shop for an hour or two this morning. I miss working on cars, getting covered in grease. It's good honest work and I should stop forgetting that and just do something about my passion for it. My chat with Daddy tomorrow will help.
Cristian liked is birthday gift. Snack Pack with 22 singles of all his favorites, and new headphones (so he can stop borrowing mine). Oh yeah, and a pack of gum because somehow I've managed to give him that addiction. Happy Birthday! It's been a good morning.

Pizza flavored goldfish.
I can't explain this to anyone.
I'm happy.

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