Tuesday, June 16, 2009


My eye is dry and itchy.
It's bugging me.

9:34 pm

Wow. It's been one of those days.
I just realized how much I need to pay for this coming fall.

Housing up on campus = Around $1800
Lap top= $1500

And that's not counting (1234) all the in between stuff like food, clubs {academic clubs, not clubbin'), and f.U.n.

I really need to get my show on the road.
Time to put my nose to the grinder and start pumping out some hours.
I've been holding back-I think-because I KNOW just how much I'm going to have to work this summer. I need to be putting in 80 hr weeks- more so since Elements does overtime.

And I start tomorrow. My first 12 hour day. And the first of many.
(And just so no one gets confused- I know I am EXTREMELY blessed to have a job. To have 2 jobs)

I guess it's worth it if I can fund everything in the fall and only have to work part time during school..
Still.. $5000 isn't petty cash. At least not for me. I have about 1/2 that now (in liquid assests), so I should be more than set if I just bust it out this summer. I'm dreading it though. Thoroughly. Completely. I still need to FIND housing. I still need to get to work on figuring out which Mac laptop I want. And I need to make sure I've got all the classes that I need (I'm sure I do, but I'd like to squeeze in as many as possible) for this coming fall. The car situation is out the door for now, since if I'm living up on campus- or close to it- then I'll only need my bike and the blessed public transportation. I really hope that things work out.

Mom: "I really thought we'd be throwing a wedding in December"
As much as YOU thought that mom.. it's nothing to what I felt. Thanks for making me feel that much worse.

It's time to do something different. And I think moving away- even if it's only 10 or so miles away will do wonders for me. And now that I've finally come to terms with Sarah's lack of comittment I feel quite footloose and fancy free.

Just wish I would have realized it for what it was earlier.
Hot dang! (Dah! MEggae REggae!)

"the Office" party Thursday night ( I need to figure out how to make a jello dome? Oh and get Nicole's stapler from her)
Need to purchase knives from Mike ( since I need my own for work)
Set hours at Aquatic Center
Look for housing
Schedule for the Temple

I remember when things.. weren't like this.
I totally took them for granted.

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