Sunday, June 21, 2009


So I finally got my car. Exhibit A :
It's actually kinda weird owning a car that's exponentially sexier than I am. He gives me so much to try and up stand. If that makes any sense.
Yes. It's a 'he'. How could it not with all it's muscled and masculine features? Also his name is Oscar- because it fits, and also because he reminds me of my sexy 42 year old boss who ALSO answers to surname "Oscar".

Whatever. It's not what I wanted at all. But it's fine for now, especially for the deal I got on it. Only $4000 with on 70,000 miles on it. Standard shift. He gets 44 miles per gallon on the freeway and about 35 just in town. That's good enough for me! I thought I wouldn't be able to find a car that got such great output since Lucy (My older, yet still cute and forever esteemed 1988 323 Mazda. RIP)
Oh, and the best part is that this next year my daddy's friend (that does the whole buying and selling cars shin-dig) is going to keep searching for a Subaru- and as soon as he finds one with less miles on it I can just trade for no extra money. [[ he found a bunch for about that same price, but all of them had over 150,000 miles on them. Not worth it. I would be better off buying a brand spankin' new Subaru if that's the case.. but he's confident he can find something for me so... h00-spaz!]]

So it's fine for now. I totally needed my own wheels, and even though he's more attractive then I am, it doesn't matter a WHOLE lot because the window's are tinted. No one knows it's me so what does it matter right?! Heh. I'm still drooling over his beloved sound system. Oh Oscar. (Sighs)

So that's out of the way. I got 10 days off from all areas of employment for the family reunion in Texas. We leave tomorrow at 4:30am and the maiden voyage of Oscar begins. I'm anxious, and hoping that all goes well. You never can tell what's going to happen when the whole family gets together. Please let things be contention free and comfortable! Please!

When I get back I'm moving into BrentWood apartments which will be swa-eet and then it's back to 14 hour days until about [[[August]]] when I decide for reals about school. I'm trying to transfer down to the U, but things have been so crazy that I haven't really figured anything out. Ugh.

Tonight I have my first OFFICIAL date with Washington ( and I must also note here that it will be my first official date with a black man. For some reason this is a big deal for me. Whatevs )
And I've just realized how many people I know that have state names, or country names:

India London Tennessee Washington America

Alright. So not TOO many but... still. That's pretty interesting.

I'm trying hard to get into "relax" mode for the trip, but I keep thinking about all the things that I'll need to get down when I get back. I hope I can mellow out and be pleasant on this trip. There's just so much I could be getting done this next week but instead I'll be vaca-ing it up. Is this really such a good idea for me right now? Eurgh!! Anyways. I promised a classic photo from our "Office" party this past week. Here it is:

Pretty awesome right?
Yeah. We totally thought so.

So now....
We have to finish cleaning up our house, I need to vaccum out Oscar and pack up my things. Laundry, getting together food for the trip, fill up both cars... and like a billion other things.

More later!


  1. i would like to disagree. i think the car brings out the sexiness within you. you know it's there, i know it's there. just like i know it's within you to complete the... what was it called? the window diet?

  2. He's definitely the kind of car who would put out for anyone (especially since he KNOWS he's hot sex on wheels). All I'm saying is be careful. Are your sure of his loyalty? Do you KNOW he hasn't been revving his engine for anyone who sticks the key in his ignition?

  3. Wisteria! Thank you so much for.. twisting the truth and shedding me in a much more classy light. Your perspective is VERY MUCH appreciated!

    Alright. Maybe there IS sexy panther inside waiting to pounce... we'll have to wait and see I suppose....

    And Melissa...

    OH. my GOSH! Now that I've stopped laughing, I must say that my relationship with Oscar as... uh.. shall we say.. DEEPENED incredibly. The long road trip to texas and back made it quite clear that he can go the distance to please me.
    As far as him being a player... freak.. if I looked like that I'd play the sales lots as well.. but it's only ME who gets inside him.

    Yeah.. that's right. I said it.
    Love you! :D