Monday, July 27, 2009


I've got [[South Korea]] on the brain. And if all things go well - and they better-, I'll be there (in about 2 weeks) with my awesome African Princess Gina Fosu! I'm hyped up about it. AALKSDFLKDSJKJF!!! All that's left to do is propose (down on bended knees) the idea to my parentage. Not that they could stop me, but I'd rather borrow $$$500$$$ from them... then from some bank that does who knows what with.. yeah.

Make sense?

Alright. I'm feeling a little better. My headache has disintegrated for the most part, my throat stopped being viciously attacked my ninja's with minute sabers, and I don't feel bloated and/or nauseated. In fact I woke up early to go swimming this morning. Not that I got far, because my calves still feel like fire. That's what I get for not stree-stretching out. Dag yo!

And so. Time to update!
Porcupine Dam!
It was great! We saw jumping fishies. Played on the unstable and clearly digressing rope swing. Let the fish nibble on our toes, and took delight in the fruit from our loins... I mean gardens! Raspberries and Cherries! The sun was endearing and we watched some crazy men (is there another kind?) doing tricks off the cliffs while plunging into the fantastic aqua blue tide below! And uh.. yeah! We basically just.. love it. Not much more to say on that.

Sarah's Birthday was interesting. I couldn't take an entire weekend off from work to go camping with her down at Four+Corners, so instead we tried to figure out something to do around here... on Saturday. She decided she wanted to hike Mt. Naomi and then go to Cherry Hill. Knowing that I was probably going to pass out on the hike I told her that I couldn't go to Cherry Hill. Not sure how she felt about that, but the hike was invigorating and I'm glad we decided to do.. despite the level of difficulty.
And we saw these!!: Honeysuckles in the wild! We even saw a whole little meadow of them.

Mm... Yes. I tell you what, nature is so pleasing. All the time.

And then this is at the top of the Mt.

Pretty spectacular. Even though it was chilly because of the snow and rain that attacked us on the way down. Oh .. and the thunderclapping bass that sang to us as we trudged along the way.

Oh yes. Don't worry, or fret (because I KNOW you were) We remembered storm safety! And vowed to each other that if we saw lightening we would hold hands and run to the nearest ditch, lay down, and die together.. so it was good.

Happy Birthday Sarah!

Her birthday present is still in the making because my beloved counterpart and canine Tahoe.. stepped on it and ruined all the paint. So I have to start from scratch. I feel bad, because you're supposed to get pressies ON your birthday. Good thing she's a good sport. good. good. good. Also, we need to figure out a time for me to take her to see My Sisters Keeper. Nothing says "happy birthday" like sobbing your eyes out in a movie theatre ( at least we think so).

Nothing much other than that going on. Work. It's getting to be about that time in the summer when I'm feeling ready to quit, even though it feels like I JUST started working there. And I really need the money super bad. Daddy is going to pay for this year of college so I don't have to worry about that ( though it still means going to school, which I'm feeling really flighty about). And uh... yeah. Trying to figure out my relationship issues, and trust obstacles.

Pretty freaking exciting.
Also. I had a creepy dream about Matt. It made me think about what ACTUALLY happened and I woke up crying, so I might need to take a nap ( if I can rangle in some "Z's" ) before work tonight.

I got hit by reality.
And it hurt.

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