Friday, August 14, 2009


When I logged onto FB there was an advertisement up in the right hand corner of my home profile that said {{"Like animals? Get a ranch!"}}. I giggled, and that's basically how I began my sunny "am". I've noticed that instead of being really consistent with keeping this updated every day, I've started going through spurts of regularity.( I've noticed the same things with tasks like shaving my legs and plucking my eyebrows) I won't blog for a week or something, and then I'll have like 3 entries for a single day. It's dumb, but I guess that's kind of how things are right now... unorganized. A little chaotic. And dumb.

It's pay day. CHa-freakin-CHing. Oh gosh. I'm severely enthused. I don't know where I'm going to spend first. But I must have those sweater boots, the plaid purple coat, and that TMNT backpack (... yeah I said it). .But none of this is what I really wanted to write back. ADHD back and stacked. Um. And how.

{Vlumbar and Gretchen Humbummer}. Those were the children names we were picking out in my dream. If it was a girl: Gretchen. A boy: Vlumbar. And I guess that meant our last name was Humbummer. And when I woke up, peered down, and realized that the baby bump wasn't reality I started crying. I don't really know what any of it means, but I just thought it was interesting. I've had baby dreams before.. I always just end up crying when I realize I'm conscious and what's happening is.. NOT that. Ugh. So it was a long night. It was storming which was soothing in a way, but then I couldn't get back to sleep because lightening kept skittering across my walls and the thunder a'ricka rickad ma' windows. Don't get me wrong. I'm all about CV summer storms. It just didn't help with all the crying.

Things are going pretty well.
School is paid for (thanks daddy).
My refund should be coming in the next week or two ( thanks Derrick)
I've got a job secured until at least Sept 7th.
My classes are all at great times, and it will work fantastically with getting another job (NOT Elements)
I broke up with Manny and haven't heard from him since (silent treatment which just reiderates my point of reason)
My laundry is done, though I still need to hang it up.
I'm getting some shopping done today (hopefully all of it)
My phone is slowly becoming easier to navigate and handle.
My stomache is shrinking.. slowly. but still.
Scott comes home in a couple days.
I haven't heard from Matt.
The earth is beginning to cool off.
Mom's surgery should go well on Monday.

.. all in all.. things are really well. The only down side right now.. is I went to the doctor who confirmed what I thought was true. Yes. I DO have 2 cracked ribs. They don't really hurt or anything, I mean... it did when that girl nailed me in the chest but it's just a little bruised and is fine as long as no one punches me :D.

Lovin' it.

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