Sunday, August 30, 2009


Alright. Deep breath. Stretch fingers. Crack back. Update.
Uni's back in, and my head is ***blowing till kingdom come*** from the intensity of "shock-awesome".

Dag. I don't know even know where to begin this scatterbrained detraction.. Bear with me, if you read this.

Um. Can we say slaughter me? It's not that my 1st course (Cultural Anthropology) was dreadful ( because it was anything BUT), it's just that I ran into the 2 people that I least want to see -ever- in the whole wide world (www). And especially up at school my first semester back after having an inspiring time for an entire freaking year. It wasn't a good omen, and it actually made me sick. [[Literally]]. I ran into Dave first off, who somehow never fails to make me swoon and lose my breath. I don't know what it is about him. No one else does either. Because he's not only wrong for me... he's wrong for in EVERY way. But we had a nice little convo. about how our lives have past and fanned out this last 365. It left me weak at the knees, and flushed in the face-- I stumbled off in the direction of the BookStore to purchase the rest of the literature. While in there I saw Manny. My stomach plummetted, I started to get frantic and panicky and found myself out in the hallway (without my books) basically power walking like an angry mother up the jam.packed corridor.
That's when I heard my name being called (screamed), I picked up the pace but I kept hearing it being shouted. Then I felt a foreboding tap on my shoulder, I barely glanced up to see that it was horrifyingly him and made a sharp turn up a different sidewalk. I honestly don't know what he said, I heard him shrieking something at me the for a good couple more second before he either finally stopped or I charged out of hearing range.

Later I found myself in the women's room at Old Main Hill crying, trying to get a hold of myself. Wasn't it obvious when I DIDN'T turned around that I didn't want to speak with him? And how embarrassing to have him shouting who knows what at me on my first day. He tries that again and I swear I'll kick him where it hurts. Twice.

Other than that, my day was perfect. Ha! Perfect. My Cultural Anthropology course is fantastic. I never knew exactly how much it actually entailed but I can tell already that I'm going to learn alot, and thank goodness I'm interested. -->Some other interesting tidbits? I know about 5 people in the class, the TA is good looking, and my Professors name is Glass-Coffin. Yes. I spelled that right. She wouldn't tell us the origins, but she will later on in the semester.
(for those you that click on the link above, and read this amazing article... can you guess what culture this guy is talking about?)

So. awesome.

Later that night we had a Foam Dance Party up on the Quad. It was alright, it had so much potential but it was nothing to get REALLY excited about. Just a bunch of college kids crowding the speakers, not really dancing, or if they are "dancing" it was more like having sex with clothes on. Honestly. Is grinding really that fun? And if it is, wouldn't it be MORE fun to do that at home, without anyone else around to stare at you, your own music, etc?
I don't know. I guess I just don't see the merit. But it was nice to dance and get some of the stress out of my system. All in all, a pretty good day.

Up at 730 am for English. I thought it was going to be killer, but to be honest.. the only difficult thing about waking up that early.. was being up that early and trying to walk up 5 flights of stairs ( because I'm too stubborn to take the elevator). I met a kid Jeff whose going to be my study partner, and he's cute and enthusiastic so that's nice. My professor is a sweet heart and this class is going to be bird course ( meaning that I'll fly right through it.)

After a 6 hour break in which I purchased and returned books I didn't need, worked out, and ran home to take a shower it was time for my Natural Disaster class.
Hold on to your hats because this is by far my favorite class. Ever. At least thus far. What would you expect in a natural disasters class right? You're classic information about how things like Tsunami's, Hurricanes, Volcanoes, and Heat Waves form, and maybe global impacts yes? NO. WRONG. It's about how POPULATION growth is the NEXT Natural Disaster.
Such a great concept, and one that I am intensley interested in. The plus? I get to make my own [[Disaster Emergency Action Kit]], I met 6 people that really want to get together and study, Chad is in the class, my professor is super enthused about her job, and the classroom has the most comfortable chair and desks that I've had my entire college career. So rock on!

Next. Math. I knew it was going to suck, and maybe it WAS self fulfilling prophecy.. but yeah. It sucks. But my professor seems available to help whenever, I met a nice girl Eve whose a whiz at math and is going to help me out. Plus Michael Murray is constantly in that building so whenever I need him, he's just a couple yards away. Good thing daddy is good at math though, and since we got all the assignments right up front I've already worked my way through 3/4 of the semesters material so I only have to worry about quizzes and the final exam.

The chairs suck in that classroom.

Later that night it was Bingo Night. I couldn't go because I worked the Reservation. But one of my friends won a $3000 Starving Student Gift Card. ( I totally should have been up there, even though I am definitely not starving.)

Same class as Monday. .

Same classes, met a girl that knew Becca Allred up on campus, chatted it up with the bus driver because he was attractive, and met a couple other girls that are going into FCHD which is pretty cool I guess. Had a couple quizzes, turned in my Math homework, caught up with reading and signed up for an Institute class. Oh yeah. And I had my biology lab!!! We played with termites then whole hour and my lab partner is awesome! She reminds me of my sister Jasmin and is gorgeous. Plus I met Nate whose this super hot black man whose going into Excersize Science. And he helped me with the Math homework I had.
My TA is pretty cool to. He's into crustaceans, and has been studying them for a good 5 years now. Wild!

Class. Fantastic. I got ahead on all my reading in the morning and then went to lunch with Jarren and Nicole around noon. Worst lunch date ever. Mostly because instead of including me in the conversation they mostly just talked to each other. I got the impression that the only reason Nicole really invited me along was so that she wouldn't alone with him, maybe because Clayton said something to her. So I sat there and munched my awesome mushroom salad, texted Scott on my phone because that's what I do when I'm uncomfortable ( and he helped me get through it by making me laugh and sending me jokes) and got out of there ASAP. I later went over to check out her new apartment.. which is pretty sweet except she's rooming with a bunch of freshman... which I personally would think awkward. And it was awkward when Nicole stripped down to her undies and naired her legs. It wasn't just that. But Clayton ended up coming and she invited him up. [???]
I'm not going to lie. I felt super uncomfortable and actually kinda grossed out when she lept onto him in only her underwear with her poor freshman roomates out in the hall and a couple of freshman guys to.
I dont know. I thought it was inappropriate ( mostly because I was there, whatever they do when no one else is around is their own business) so I left shortly after. We haven't talked since.
And actually since that incident I've really started thinking about things, and maybe it was just because it was weird day.. but I honestly don't have much to talk to her about anymore. She's not really interested in what's going on in my life, as much as she wants me to comment on all the happenings in hers. It's fine. I'm here to listen, but it feels onesided.. and how long will that last right?

It's nothing I need to worry about now.
Anyways. Later I went to the 80's/Institute dance. Signed up for IWA and met a guy named Jeff who challenged me a couple of times on the blow up obstacle course. I won at blow up twister and danced the rest of the night away. I also met Zach, who I'm not interested in at all but for some reason he THINKS I am. So I had an annoying cling on who kept trying to make me laugh, dance up close, and get me alone. I was crafty and got away though.

Worked 9 to 5 ( uneventful ) then went to a pig roasting for back to school at my Tongan family's house.

It was really nice to see Ray again, plus we have a date set up which is really terrific. I met a guy from Guatemala which is awesome cause I've been there, and he knew some of the people that I worked with while I was down there. I got to see my little sisters Susanna, and Emerilis, and I got to hold Vinni's new baby boy Isaiah!!! And I must say that brown babies are adorable. So are white babies.. but I think it's just because if I do have kids.. and that they will be brown, that I just can't stand it. He was adorable and I got him to smile for me. I almost met John who was really tall, and super talkative so it was a good social evening and I felt at home after long stressful week of classes ( in a good way)

Later I went on a walk with Sarah, rented Catch Me If You Can and fell asleep during the opening credits.

And today was Sunday. And I dont know if it was because I was just super tired, but the whole session felt like days instead of 3 small hours, and when I got home I promptly fell asleep again.

Another week ahead of me, and hopefully I can find some time to stay updated throughout the week because doing this.. right now... just about killed me!

Just a couple more things: I've lost another 5 lbs. And people have been commenting so now I know it's noticeable. I've kept up an incredible schedule and my eating habits are revolving I'm taking an advanced yoga class and I'm trying out this new body sculpting class on Tuesday.

I've made a lot of friends this week. And I haven't changed anything about myself- except smiling. I've been really trying implement this into my life, and the results have been overwhelming. It's not that I didn't ever smile before, but I didn't all the time like I am now.. and I've made more friends this week then I have in a really long time.

It's all about the smile kids :D

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