Monday, August 31, 2009


Woke up at 7:30 am to work on my math homework with Daddy. I seriously don't know what I would do without the father that I've been given. Truly, I have been blessed. So we worked on it and then I finished up about 3 more assignments that I'll have to turn in next week. I feel calm and ok with everything because I'm ahead.

Just the quizzes to stress over. And I don't know. I'm not going for an "A". Just a pass, so everyone cross your fingers for me.
After that I went and worked out for a good hour and 1/2. The eliptical wasn't as tough as it usually was, which was surprising because it's a Monday and I didn't work out on Saturday or Sunday. Maybe I'm getting even more stronger-er. Awesome.

Then I came home, showered and shaved my legs did some more Math homework and studied the rest of my Cultural Anthropology Chpt while watching the Office.
Did laundry in the middle of all that, cleaned up my room, made my bed and got signed up for Institute class.

Institute was awesome, except I got there late because the later on in the day it gets the more unreliable the busing system becomes. So I had to walk in 10 minutes late in front of the classroom and uncomfortably saunter over to my desk at the side. It was a good lesson though, although I'm kinda skeptical about the instructor. I've never had much luck with that, ah well. The girl I sat next to was super nice... and THEN.. in Cultural Anth. I got to sit next to the TA- who is super attractive, a cowboy, a Graduate Anth. and smelled delicious.

Plus he got a kick out of my color coded notes complete with pictures, stickers, and marker drawings. And then when I got embarrassed he said "hey, all it means is that you've got it together. You're organized, and probably brilliant".

He has a great smile.
The lecture was good, but had nothing really to do with.. anything. She just wanted to talk about her research.. which as much fun as talking about Shamaan "healers" probably could be.. it has nothing to do with anything we're doing in the class. It's just her research.

So it was a little boring, and I struggled to stay awake.

Now I'm home and have to figure out if I work or not, because.. I'm not driving 20 minutes only to turn around and come back if there's no reservation.

I have a headache, my stomache hurts a little and I have a bump in my armpit.

What does this MEAN?

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