Tuesday, September 1, 2009


I'm going to vomit. And my head feels like it's being crushed underneath a ton of bricks. Literally.
I don't know the reason.
I've been eating healthy, working out daily, mostly getting enough sleep. Maybe that's the kicker. And especially for last night because no matter [[WHAT]] I did I couldn't slip into "z's". Then had to get up at 730 for English Lit. Plus the 5 flights of torture just to get up there.

In happier news though Nate and Max are awesome study partners and I can tell we're going to get along just fine. And I'm actually pretty stoked to turn in my first paper which describes my own personal writing process.

It's hilarious. At least I think so.
We'll see.

Ran hard, perspired a heap, saw Megan Davis. Awkward.
Drove home, tried to fall asleep but just ended up doing a couple quizzes online, started on the next chpt in Natural Disasters, and started charting out my Disaster Action Plan ( to stay ahead) and then cleaned my room again. I need to vaccuum and dust again. (Sighs). I hate being OCD about my room, it just makes things more busy.

Went back to campus for ND and Math. Both classes were super boring because I already know all the material. We learned about plate tectonics and all that... stuff... years ago. Let's get on to the interesting like the first week. What happened? Did she just lead in with all that finess' to keep people registered? Annoying. And then I almost passed out in Algebra because...

... well I'm blaming fatigue.

.. but more good news. I got 8/10 on my first quiz in that class, and I honestly thought in my heart of hearts that I'd failed. I cried when I got home that day. There's just a lot of pressure since I'm not paying for school out of my pocket this school year.. Got to keep the grades up, and I'd really like to get my GPA up so that I can study abroad in Africa or something next year. We'll see what happens. So much to think about.

++++ The reservation canceled. So now I can do a little more on the DEAP (disaster emergency action plan), take a nice longer shower and an Advil and hit the sack.

My body's sore from mortal combat volleyball last night.

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