Friday, October 16, 2009


Week 1.
Tonight we have our first check up.
I'm a little pissed because this whole time I thought I was doing great calorie wise. Then I started to feel like I was gaining more. Turns out I'd been entering the calories wrong in the data base.. so I actually was eating more then what was recommended. It wasn't more then what I was eating on my own before this week so hopefully I still dropped a little weight but.. geez.

I'm pissed.

I dejunked our mudroom. For some reason I can't remember the name in America for it (how funny is that!). But in Australia we call it a mudroom so.. I dejunked it. Daddy paid for mum to get a hotel room in town for a couple days. Give her a break from being a mum. It's her birthday today! Happy Birthday Mummy!!! So I went to work on the dejunking.

My family can be packrats. So I went through everything and threw out tons of garbage bags of stuff that... no household should ever have. I thought about getting rid of some of the shoes. But I really don't know what ones are actually being worn, versus waste. So I left them all. But it looks beautiful. I'm going to attack the closet under the stairs ( Harry P.) in a few minutes. Get the DVD, VHS, music books and other magazines organized so we can actually walk in there.

Life isn't so much exciting these days as just kind of .. there.
I feel like I'm waiting for something. I'm not meaning to. I'm trying to fill my time with worthwhile endeavors. I'm staying up to par with my studies, and I'm doing this program. Learning Christmas songs on the piano. I've been cleaning the last couple of days. I guess I could be trying to do more. I don't really know what.... I'm trying.. to look for.. to doing. Yeah. I just don't know.

Seen Ray more often then usual lately.

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