Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Life Is Hard When You're An Idiot

So. It's 4:15pm exactly.
I like exactness.

Have a new mac computer. Monitor is phenomenally bodacious in every sense of the <---word. ( why am I not structuring my sentences?) Hopefully I'll be able to upload my Exserspy from home instead of on campus

Sighs a sigh of relief, then moves on.

It uncomfortable, being at school and uploading it I mean. Struggling to get the pesky elastic band off my rippling bicep without looking like a chimpanzee scratching it's armpit-in the middle of the computer lab. Those poor unfortunate (souls) students.

I only have a couple things to note. And they don't apply or relate to anyone who would ever read this. So... whatevs. I'll write more when something interesting.. or OF note comes along.

First. Every appendage and muscle in my entire frame has decided to rape me with an all encompassing unmerciful mutiny. I can't sit here and type without something SOMEWHERE on my body ninnyhammering with the impulse to plunge itself off a burning cliff. (((yes, you heard it hear folks))) ach.E.ness.

Second. ("Second?" "Yes Toby "second") I think my program is going well. They didn't inform me of the gruesome workouts we would be doing, or dietary restrictions. But I guess if they DID do that then no one would sign up for the program. Blink. There goes the light. Overall, I'm feeling slightly better (mentally) however so... pound it.

Third. Note to self. Never wear a skirt to school. Especially when it's cold. MORE especially when it's windy. What a suck fest this afternoon was. It blew. Literally.

Fourth. I'm really uncomfortable. So I'm going to go change.

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