Friday, November 6, 2009


Never assume there's always a point to someone web logging.
Hence, the following...

I retained a dream- I guess an idea, which makes perfect sense because as soon as I bid buenas noches to several cherished chums my noggin collided with my pillow. I was out like Paige in the New Year! The reason: my bed of roses.
Why is mine better than yours? Let me count the ways..:
1. monsterous
2. best comforter in the world.
3. (3) superb pillows
4. not too soft, not to hard

I'm getting braggy, back to point. The pie in the sky.
The globe, humanity milling about. A general sense of security and prosperity. Heaps of golden sunshine, resplendent green hills, purple moutains, and navy bodies of water. Just glancing around it seemed a pretty choice place to be. I began to walk/glide. After awhile the scenery hadn't change but my overall sense of "place" did. {{Puzzled.}} I couldn't figure it out. The general atmosphere was uplifting.... children giggling softly, an elderly couple entangling delicate fingers while sitting peacefully, dogs playing. Everyone seemed to be loving their neighbor. And I guess that's when I realized... that's just not good enough. Because we're supposed to love the Lord first.

When did we flip those first two, and most important commandments?
I awakened to an excited golden star spilling and splashing sunshine all over the walls of my room, and onto my face.
Quite the "dream." Right?

It reminded me of the song I'm writing "Dissolving Space and Finding Place"

I don't know about anyone else, but things are getting scary out there (to me). I can't believe I'm saying that, even living within the CKC (close knit community) that I find myself today. A couple weeks ago my Anthropology class attacked "the family". NOT cool. We had a discussion about it and I kept hoping and praying that someone would put a stop to the madness, only after I'd left the discussion ( trying to find a safe place to sit and think and cry) did I realize that I had the power to do that just as much as anyone else that knows the importance OF the family. I worried about my devotion because of the things I DIDN'T do that day in class, but I suppose that's how the learning process goes. You just screw up sometimes, and then you learn (hopefully) and try to never do it again.

And isn't it interesting that after awhile of sitting and thinking, I realized with MY family was where I needed to be in order think it through. Ironic? Not so much.
Anyways, enough about that.

The weekend is here, and with it comes one exciting event, taking place.. tomorrow night. I've been waiting awhile for this.
Oh. And I'm hardly nervous which makes this even better.
Yes yes yes yes yes. :D

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