Sunday, November 8, 2009


"Last night's date" would ordinarily be something I'd chronicle in immense detail. And speedily. I mean, part of me is scratching my head, curious as to why I didn't wake up early this morning to get the word out(of me before I exploded). But then...I'm not really counting it. I'm calling it a practice run. The next one ( because there will most definitely be a next one) will be "the" date that I'd like to write about. That's not to say there weren't some very enjoyable moments throughout the M.C. [mayhem concocted] evening:

1. The opportunity itself
2. A triumphant win against the Spartans
3. "Music man" and his unprecedented skill at coming up with comical rhymes on key
4. The comfort of having 2 more people that I kindasorta know make an appearance
5. Arriving back at my own heaven-on-earth safely, even though it was horrifying late
6. The courtesy goodnight phone call

And even though there were alot of things off about it, it had nothing to do with the individuals involved- merely a situation gone awry. And what can be done about that right? Right. So.. moving on.

The after effects of it have been inconveniently lasting. The "campfire" migraine finally surrendered but the queasiness it still wreaking havoc. And let me just say- I do NOT enjoy sitting around a smokey campfire. It prickles your eyes, blurrs contacts, ensures everything on your body smells like ash- and because such everything you touch smells like soot (car seats, the bed when sitting down to take shoes off, the rest of your clothes when you throw the ash covered clothes into your hamper, you're entire closet BECAUSE of the clothes, etc. And then you have to shower to get the smog out of your pores, detached from your hair,etc) Can campfire make you feel nauseous for hours afterwards? Or is that the byproduct of something else? I didn't eat anything last night so it's not food poisoning or anything wack like that. Maybe it's lack of a healthy REM cycle that I'm so used to getting (I'm completely spoiled). There could be any number of reasons, I guess.


My new favorite movie is coming out. I haven't seen it yet. But it's my favorite. 2012. And I've got tickets!

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