Sunday, November 22, 2009


Today I made a big leap. It took a little while. I was super uncomfortable for about 15 minutes and then just as I turned to the people next to me to make conversation one of the girls asked me what my name was. I met Addy, Whitney, Melissa, Emily, and Davin.

Whew! Hopefully I remember their names and can find some way to get to know everyone better. Also Scott was there but for some reason we stilled have crossed each others paths in order to talk. I need to text him about missionary birthdays anyways so maybe that can open things up a little bit.

I saw Jessica doing some art today. I had no idea she had that kind of talent, it was incredible. And I give my talk next week. I'm really excited about it and I while I hope that just one person will take something from it and understand better the concept of forgiveness, I feel as though I was given this topic because it's something that I'm passionate about, perhaps needed to learn more about and grew from.

I hope it does that for someone else as well. But for now I'm just happy that by enduring some torturing moments of awkward that things felt easier by the time I took off to head on home.

Note to self-get new tires, because mine are slipping all over the road. Also. Spray windshield with ice repellent. I'm really tired, have a weird headache and have a pretty hectic week in front of me. But I'm feeling calmer.


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