Thursday, November 26, 2009

200 {A Day Of Thanks}

This year has helped me learn possibly more than any others. Possibly. The year I turned 19 was a pretty big year, and the year after that. Regardless obviously I have much to be grateful for. I love being able to set an entire day aside to really contemplate how blessed I am, and how much I have in fact been given. The last couple months in particular.

Things That Come To Mind?

1. My membership in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. The scriptures. My testimony. My Institute class.
2. My newfangled callings and all the joy and experience I hope to gain from them.
3. My parents, for giving me an opportunity to better myself for the rest of my life. And my family for loving me unconditionally.
4. Dan, Patrick, Ethan, Natalie, Emily, Kelly, Greg, Chelsea- for working with me on my overall help, pushing me to new limits, never doubting my abilities for a second, taking the time to know me, educating me, and for helping me see the results I've been looking for, for the past ten years. You've made me feel [[limitless]].
5. Biscian(Buzzy), Dave, Brent, Tim, Jared, Ryan, Pauline, Michelle, Tammy, Annica, and Tarisha {my teammates}. Thanks for supporting me as I support you, for cheering me on, forgetting the mistakes I make and for making me feel a part of something bigger than myself. We are all seeing results because of what we are doing for each OTHER. You also have made me feel [[limitless]].
6. Parents for paying for this years schooling-Daddy for helping with Mathematics, though I know both of us frequently cry (just me) gnash and grind our teeth at how frustrating my lack of understanding can be
7. My house, my sanctuary {my room}. There's nowhere I'd rather be than home and in my den. In 21 years of living it only took me 20 years to get to that point. Go me.
8. The entire Music industry. It's my therapy, and it continually amazes me that they come out with even better tunes, new sounds, and great beats time and time again. It's inspiration and motivation, my determination and expectation. It makes me feel deeper, run faster, see further, worship more meaningfully, and heightens every experience and relationship it accompanies.
9. The travel experiences I've had ( Italy, Sicily, Guatemala, Australia, Thailand, and the ones in the future). I like the person that they've made me. The timely opportunities to put myself OUT there, and for the encouragement, support, and push that my parents dowl out in droves.
10. Nature, Earth, the Cosmos, whatever you want to call it. It's all exquisite, and good, and right. Sunshine, trees, wildflowers, rivers, waterfalls, mountains, volcanoes, etc.
11. the Office. Yes, it's on the list. It might sound unhealthy, obsessive, or wrong- but this show has honestly brought a happiness into my life that I didn't know existed. I can't explain it, but I connect with that show on a personal level that just.. blows my mind every single time. It makes me happy when I'm not. It makes me laugh when I'm sobbing hysterically. It calms me down when I feel desperate, uncontrolled or alone. I find reasons to change the person that I AM from inside this show. It's always subtle, the messages for me are hidden between the satirical humor, boring life situations and scandal, but they are there.
12. My animals. If they were people, they would in fact be my best friends. Always excited to see me, always ready to play. They cuddle with me when I'm sick, and push the door open when I'm crying, excersize with me and trust me completely.
13. G. He opened me up. Entirely. The first person that made me consider that who I am, isn't such a bad thing. I will never be sad that it's over, but always happy that it happened. He saved me, from me.
14. Brooke (M). You saved my life on countless occasions. You took care of me when I couldn't do it for myself. You never gave up, never quit- and I gave you every reason in the book to leave me be. I love you. And I'm glad that you passed the change you made in me, TOO me, to give to someone else. And I hope I can find that person to nurture. :D
15. Kim (S). You could have left. Said there was nothing I could do. Made me feel stupid, kicked me out, cringed away from me, but you didn't. You stayed. You helped. You didn't give up. I would NOT be here if it wasn't for you. Thanks for trusting me, and for making me feel like I could trust you.
16. MW, for forgiving me. AA, for always being an example.
17. Meggae Reggae. I honestly don't know WHAT I would do without you. I'm glad you didn't freak when I skulked over to your bed. Thanks for listening to me, even though you probably had NO idea what I was talking about. You just being there made the difference, and you know what I love about this friendship? It's that I feel I could go years without seeing you ( not that THAT should EVER happen!) and we would get together like no time had passed between us at all. It will never be uncomfortable, and I'm glad that we met in the worlds most unlikely place: Jacob Freaking Lake because it makes everything even more extraordinary. Love you birdie! :D
18. Justin Bieber. I always feel like you're singing TO me. One Time. And it never fails to make me grin.
19. All the things that make me happy to be a woman ( mascara, blush, cute shoes and clothes, perfume, jewlery, curves, purses/bags, etc)
20. All types of self expression.

Other things? No particular order.

22. Inside jokes
23. Double takes
24. Word play
25. Photography
26. Planes and cars
27. Money
28. S.K.
29. Olympics
30. Crazy Nature Phenomenas
31. Post Secret
32. Biggest Loser
33. Robert Smidt
34. Kangaroos
35. Oceans
36. Respect
37. Curiousity
38. Perspective
39. My Tongan Family
40. The beautiful bed of roses

Still more..

41. Nummylicious water
42. All technology that helps communication- cells, facebook, skype, email, webcams, etc.
43. Grapefruit
44. Education
45. Chinese food
46. In floor heating
47. Honesty
48. Mariam Berry Pie
49. the "plank"
50. Portable DVD player
51. Saturn 2003, 3 d00r-Oscar
52. Full lips, and the newly aquired dimple
53. Finished laundry
54. Scarfs
55. Memory
56. Instinct
57. Passion
58. Nutritional Values on Food
59. Food scales
60. Tweezers :D
61. Nair
62. Warmth
63. Movies
64. Long drives
65. Cemetaries
66. Rollercoasters
67. Accents
68. Blogs
69. Russian Twists :P
70. Books
71. Rainexx
72. Lemon Polish
73. Chapstick
74. Alone time
75. Love
76. Butterflies
77. Change
78. Democracy
79. Conservation
80. The United States police system
81. Creativity
82. Children
83. the Alphabet
84. Acronymns
85. Spontinaeity
86. Sweat
87. Soap
88. Shawn and Carolin. Baby Tyler
89. Weddings
90. Time. Tik Tok
91. Being up high, looking down
92. Wind
93. Puppy kisses
94. Duner
95. Dance
96. Poetry
97. Art, whatever that means ha ha!
98. Garden
99. Letters
100. Lists

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