Friday, January 8, 2010

214 (eating hearts and brains)

I controlled my dream last night, I'm 95% sure. It wasn't pretty. A hill with rotting vegetation. A single gnarled tree. Shovel with a fractured handle. 100 extinguished dissolving bodies beneath my feet. I'm not sure who the male was. An older man with a goatee and dark greasy hair. He made a fire, where was my husband? I knew. Beneath the decomposing mound amongst the bloated corpses. Standing up I began gliding down the hill, towards the shovel leaning against the tree. Somewhere in my subconscious I realized that within seconds I would wake up in a cold sweat feeling shaken from what I'd seen. So I forced myself to hike back to the apex and settle with the man. We sat, peering at each other for what felt like a really long while. And then I eased myself awake.

Control? Who knows.

Every time a dream like this occurs, I curse the fact that I can't paint (well, don't know HOW to paint). I keep a dream book, record everything in as much detail as I possibly can and a lot of the thoughts would make some pretty sweet paintings, or photographs, or even sketches. I don't have one of those minds that can take the picture in my head and transfer it onto paper the way that I see it IN my head. There's always something wrong with it. But I'm a fantastic copy artist. Is that considered art?


Yesterday afternoon Scott and I went on a small hike up the canyon. It had been a long time since I'd been up there last. Icy, glacial winds, numb cheeks and fingers. I'm not sure for how long we walked but the trip all around was about 3 hours. The point? I wanted to find out if he'd been thinking about what I nonchalantly planted in his mind 3 nights ago. Although we barely touched on the topic- I got what I was looking for. He's considering it, and I believe that the outcome- though it may take some time- will be important. [[IMPORTANT]]. Not sure what that means, except that some kind of significance is happening even though I can't see it right now.

How would I draw "significance"?
How would I photograph it?

DC [deep clean] room/closet/carpets
DC car
Price books.

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  1. No one really knows HOW to paint. You should just start off by keeping a sketchbook! It comes with less pressure to produce something awesome every time, and you can get your thoughts and images out on paper. It's actually really therapeutic. Try it! And as far as painting, I've been doing art for thirteen years and still don't really know how to paint. Try another medium, maybe. Either way, just create! It's really fun. Are you going to do the 365 photo challenge with me? That'd be pretty sweet.