Thursday, March 25, 2010

249 (a condo? for me? why thank you!)

I'm thinking about purchasing a condo/small house.
Now I know that sounds CRAZY because I haven't had a job in the last 6 months. How could I possibly have the money? Right? I've got liquid assets baby!!!!-compulsive saving pays off. Weird pun!! And I will have 2 jobs in the next month. One that will bring in a little mula, and my traditional summer job that will bring in alot. Plus with that $8000 dollars for first time home/house/condo buyers that Obama will give me if I do decide to do just .. this.

Here's the thing.
It's time to move out. I've been deep cleaning and de-junking the last couple months, not only because I'm OCD about cleanliness but because this has been on my mind frequently. I'm proud to say that I've narrowed it down to essentials and things that I plan on selling. Also I'm proud to say that I have most dishes and appliances that I would need in my own place, by myself- except a fridge... But I most CERTAINLY don't plan on moving out with a bunch of stupid girls. It wouldn't matter WHO it is- it would be stupid. Alright, that's a lie. I wouldn't mind living with ONE person, but they'd have to keep their trash to themselves... and not get pissed about loud music because it's just WHO I AM. And I don't like the idea of having to share a bedroom, or kitchen, or vanity sink with ANYONE-unless it's my betrothed. Also, you can't have a dog in most apartments and that's something that I really want. Nope. Need. Along with a garden, and a place to hang a clothesline.

If I change majors and start this new program over the summer I can start taking clients in the next 4 months- at the END of this summer. Of course I'd only be a level 1 trainer but as I take on clients and earn more money I'll do more schooling to become a level 2- then 3, then a Master Trainer. I'll be able to pick my own hours and even do house calls. In this area I'd really like to work with engaged couples ( I know many soon to be wife's that want to lose a few before the big day)- PLUS it's a big BIG tipping job, if ya catch my drift.

I guess that means I plan on living in the Valley. At least for now. And I'm cool with that. I'm still going to school here and will be for awhile. My biggest support is here. I LIKE being here now. I'm still a travel guru- love to be living large and experience culture but.. ya know.. that has it's place. I'm hoping to get a job IN the valley- the gym I'm going to now- and with Brian leaving for Cfield the swim coaching position is soon to be open- which I could ALSO definitely take. In fact- I should start looking into that PRONTO. Today. YES. Today.

I'm not sure where I'd go. They just built some new ones on the West side, and I know of a few other places in this wonderful little town. It wouldn't be huge. I know of one that is a fixer upper, but it's cheaper. I'd need someone to help me paint- and I'd want vinyl in the kitchen area-not tile-it's to cold and harder to clean. New light fixtures because they look like something that came out of the 70's- but I mean, I could deal with that for awhile. And shag carpet- yep you heard it straight. I want the shag! It'll be a nice beige or brown color. I want a red bathroom.

I don't have to pay for my school so that's a plus.
I'm not sure about my car payments- they-meaning the units- might just pay the rest of it off FOR me, but not counting on that I still owe about $4000.

The thing is the security.
I have many things going for me. I'm trying to get back on my photography game- like actually STARTING business-it's getting there. I'm a composer, and an author- Jess and I are planning on the book being done in about 8 months and it will sell big up on campus- that much we know for sure. But after initial sales we don't know what we'll do with it.
And other things that have been kept under the carpet- but if it's necessary then they WILL appear.

I've got a plan set out. I know how much it would cost- how much payments would be every month to keep it, and an estimate of how much paint, fixtures, carpet, and vinyl would cost. Of COURSE there will be debt but when making purchases like this there is always BOUND to be that- and I'm good with it. As long as this plan that I have goes accordingly then all will be well.

I'm going to talk about it with Daddy tonight. I expect his reaction to be a little baffled at first- but I'm hoping that he'll help me figure out my plan and support me in what I'm trying to accomplish with this. It might not happen this year. But if it doesn't then hopefully next year.
Everyone wish me luck!

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  1. That's so exciting! You sound like you have a good plan going on. Good for you. And I agree with you about moving in with people. It's always a big gamble unless you know them beforehand, trust me!