Wednesday, March 31, 2010

253 check it out.

We are.. would be? An odd couple.
I just don't know what we ARE exactly.
Does that bother me?
Absolutely not.
I'm so happy with where things are now.

He's sensible, responsible, has a plan, understands finances and budgeting (great with #'s), incredibly smart, absolutely HILARIOUS, somewhat athletic and outdoorsy, knows how to do laundry and cook, AND clean. He's really into history-world and church-, collects antique foreign money, has a thing for leggos (ships specifically), {{enjoys quiet music}}, reading. He loves researching and learning, naps and fishing. He's sarcastic and silly in a way that I can appreciate fully, loyal, concerned and understanding.

That being said...we obviously have very little in common-which is just so INTERESTING to me considering the circumstances.

I have some sense, very irresponsible, no solid plan, I suck at numbers, I'm only smart about very specific areas of knowledge, kind of funny, VERY athletic and outdoorsy- I CAN do laundry, and clean, but I am certainly no cook. I'm not into history- I'm all about the future, my hobbies are mostly physical and musical, my music my be BLASTING, I like reading-but specific genres and you'd never catch me researching just for fun. I haven't gone fishing, and I can't picture myself going..

Maybe that's why it works.
Or HAS worked out thus far.
The blatant differences. Because maybe if I was with someone MORE like me the downfall of humanity would come that much sooner. Two reckless human beings together doesn't paint a pretty picture. But I enjoy the idea of me being the more wild counterpart in this relationship-it fact it frees my free spirit to a more freeing point.

I like the boy.

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