Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Now doesn't that look.. intoxicating.

I'm keen on writing, even though I honestly don't have that much to record. Nothing paramount or really even WORTH remembering has materialized today. It's sunless and hyetal. I cannonaded into tears at the end of my arithmetic exam earlier this morning because.. I just don't -can't- understand or register fractions. And the test was chock-a-block FULL and spilling over the edge with them. I tried and tried and TRIED to decipher each formulated equation that Satan himself designed, but in the end I found myself turning in the test half finished, and slinking out of the building and going behind the fence to weep. What a nightmare.

Pre-menstrual much?
You can say that again.
But I'm definitely failing the class with that test.

I guess that means {{summer school.}}
If I was being totally honest with myself-because I'm NOT- I'd say that I didn't REALLY expect to pass the class the first time around anyways. That would be TOO easy. Especially for someone with my "special mathmatic abilities". It's not a strength, it's a very severe weakness. An actual mental disability. I can't process information like that and RETAIN it. And that is where the problem lies, in remembering. Because in math everything stacks upon the last concept. But I didn't want that to stop me from trying. So I did. And it's hard because I guess there was a very small part of me that thought I could maybe kind of possibly scrape through. Hence the upset.
{{Summer school.}}

What an oxymoron- and a hideous one at that.

All that aside and now partially buried away-forever- In truth I AM happy:

The weather is warming up.
I had a chance to sit with Davin and chat before I drove home.
My eating has been in check and FABulous.
I've found creative ways to get a work out in with incredibly painful shin splints.
Tonight it our test to see how much I've improved over the past 2 weeks.
Patrick's back from Washington and I'm SO excited to see him.
Mary has been checking up on me every day to see how I'm doing- and her concern is very much appreciated.
My family relations are improving even though we're all under extra strain with Daddy's new calling
The pictures I took for Minnow turned out spectacularly and I know she'll enjoy them.
There's only a month left of school.
I have a job (possibly two) secured for summer.
General Conference this weekend.

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